Jeune Fille Time!!!
A friend of mine invited me to the ESP craft house today where a few of her friends work and when I got there, there was a bit of a surprise!!

A Jeune Fille sitting out all by itself just for us to play with!!!

At first I wasn't quite sure, but then I was told its okay to touch it if I want, and so of course I had to do this...

Which lead to to this...

Which ultimately lead to this...

I was a bit surprised I was allowed to hold it and carry it around, but the shop assistant (my friend's friend) insisted I could, especially since I'm a huge Mana fan. Then they allowed me to take pictures with it too!!

Something like this is a bit rare in Japan. Generally its against the rules to take pictures in shops and such, and this guitar being the type of custom model that it is I'm shocked they allowed me to hold it and take photos. I can understand being able to take pictures during an ESP Mana guitar fair, but there was no special Mana events or anything today -- just my friend and I visiting (by the way, this was my very first time to ever step foot in the ESP shop!!).

Anyway, I couldn't resist sharing this. It was such an fun experience to get to test out a Jeune Fille for myself! Ahhh, if only I could buy one. It would be a dream come true...(;~;)

omg this is so cool! *__*

I never went to the ESP store... i guess that's because I dont know where it is XDDDD

( i am also amazed that they have a vending machine in their store XDD )
2012/01/04(水) 05:06:28 | URL | charlotte #-[ Edit ]
I like how the strings are bolted on at the headstock-so you can wham away at it and not really go out of tune. Did you get to play it at all? Anyway, this is just so cool!
2012/01/10(火) 05:02:01 | URL | Karen #-[ Edit ]
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