Digital Madousho Pt. 2
I've been receiving a TON of emails and comments since my last update, and among many things it seems many people are confused about joining the new Mon+amour.

I made an English tutorial for you here, so you should be able to register without problem.

Digital Madousho Registration English Tutorial

So confused on madousho..
Hello there!

I'm sorry to bother you! Hello, I've been reading your translations for a while.. They are awesome, and you are awesome!


Can you help me? I was quickly purchasing the madousho that I didn't change the language so it's all in Japanese! Is there any possible way to read it in English?

Thank you!
2012/03/01(木) 09:37:45 | URL | Autumn #-[ Edit ]
Autumn> Hi! I believe the only time you can change the language is halfway through the registration process, which really isn't so helpful on FC2's part... I posted a tutorial on my website that should be able to guide you, but if you need any more help let me know!
Heres the link:
2012/03/01(木) 14:35:27 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
Oh wait, sorry about that last comment...I'm stupid and didn't read it right or pay attention to the entry. LOL

Umm, if its all in Japanese, you should be able to see a drop down box on the top right hand corner of the screen so you can pick your language. I think after you get to a certain point in the registration they show this box on every page in case you need to change the language.
2012/03/01(木) 14:37:23 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
So after I have completely registered...

....I can't change the language an have to buy the English one...?

2012/03/01(木) 21:45:24 | URL | Autumn #-[ Edit ]
unfortunately there is no English version. :(
2012/03/02(金) 08:41:18 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
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