Well, since I'm not able to really translate anything Mana lately (except that FOOL'S MATE I need to work on) there hasn't been much news.

However, for those who didn't notice from Monologue Garden or my Monologue Garden translations, Mana is accepting questions now for the next Madousho from fans. All you have to do is email him on Monologue†Garden and theres a chance your question will be answered (in Japanese, trolololo) in the next Digital Madousho.

Anyway, in other news I recently found out that since the second week of January some strange noises has been recorded in various places around the world.
This has actually been going on periodically for some time now, so its not particularly new news, but it seems it is suddenly happening more often than usual in many more places than it ever has in the past.
Nobody seems to know what the noises come from...

and heres another interesting piece of information!
Sadly I only heard about this last night but it happened last summer (2011).
Some students in the United States figured out a way to record the stratosphere on their own for about $150!!


All it takes is a weather balloon, a camera, and a GPS device basically.
If you fill up a weather balloon with Helium and attach the camera the right way, you can get videos and/or photos of the stratosphere!!

There are tutorials and information at the students' official website:

I would LOVE to do something like this myself!! But since Japan is an island I'd be a little worried that by the time the balloon and camera falls it could easily end up in the ocean...(T-T;)

I've been having fun reading about these kinds of things lately, so I just had to share.

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