Welcome to Monologue†Sanctuary!

From now on this will be a brand new blog exclusively set up for
I am hoping this will become a new way to not only interact with Mana fans, but to also give you an even broader perspective of what exactly is going on with the website and the world of Mana-Sama as it happens.

Also, you will be able to comment each entry and even access the blog from your cell phone!
My goal is to attempt to make updates pertaining to Mana, which can range anywhere from new releases/concerts, website updates, and perhaps little fun tidbits of information here and there.
This is an "admin blog" so I may make small updates about myself as well, although anything I write about personal life will probably pertain to Mana in some way.

I hope you enjoy Monologue†Sanctuary, and please feel free to add comments to entries or even mail me through the "mail form" on the left hand side of the website!
The mailing form would probably be a great use to give me comments or suggest anything you might like me to write about or answer on here!

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