Very Soon
…I've been working non-stop recently on a long awaited surprise for everyone.

The closer I get to the time, the more excited I'm becoming...

So I'm having a hard time holding it in any longer...


Soon the mystery will be revealed. ψ(`∇´)ψ

I hope you will look forward to it!!

2012/04/25(水) 03:25:29 | URL | Jessa #OySdzji6[ Edit ]
a Hug.... a hug from Chile! I want to see that now! >__<!!!
2012/04/25(水) 04:14:59 | URL | Gonzalo Ramirez #KgscEqek[ Edit ]
I cannot wait for, Sarah!!!
It seems Your tumblr give me to understand something about news. If I understand the situation, of course!

And, Thank You for the great translations of the Game lab!
2012/04/25(水) 19:04:42 | URL | #-[ Edit ]
Eagerly looking forward to it. *_*
2012/04/25(水) 19:28:58 | URL | Fahad #-[ Edit ]
Lol its not what you think it is from Tumblr; its actually something bigger than that!
BUT I have started working on that article a little already so it will eventually be posted! ;D
2012/04/26(木) 00:44:58 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
I see news about Madousho! It is rare offer to many Mana's fans!!!
Thank You for this, Sarah!

And I still waiting the translation M+K conversation!!! Thank You in advance!!!
2012/04/26(木) 09:07:19 | URL | #-[ Edit ]
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2012/04/27(金) 16:19:21 | URL | Mana #LkZag.iM[ Edit ]
Very nice article, exactly what I wanted to find.
2017/07/31(月) 23:28:45 | URL | Foot Complaints #-[ Edit ]
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