Earlier this week I had a dream about Mana dolls, and ever since my friend Adamine thought up the idea and even asked Mana about it at Sakura Con I couldn't help but fall in love with the idea itself!

So I set out earlier this week to get supplies to make my own Mana doll.
98% of it is hand stitched by me without a pattern or anything. I just kinda guessed at how a stuffed animal would be constructed, but for a person who has never made a doll before I think its coming along alright.(^^)

I even embroidered the eye and mouth myself by hand (I've never embroidered before in my life, so I kinda guessed at how this was done as well).
Obviously you can tell hes far from done, but I'm hoping when the entire project is finished I'll have my own Matin Mana!
I'm also hoping that maybe I can use this as a practice model and make different versions of Matin Mana...or maybe every Moi dix Mois member? Anyway, the point is I really want to improve and make better versions eventually.
That would be cute. (o^-^A

Ahh, but now its nearly 5:00 am and the sun is coming up, so I think I should probably try to sleep a little before continuing on. (Since I'm a vampire and all, haha)


Sounds cool *__*.
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