All of the Happiness!!!
It looks like there WILL be a live review of the Moi dix Mois/D/Versailles concert from me this weekend 6/24, because I just won a ticket on auction!!!!

I'm a bit worried if it will get to me on time, but let's just hope it makes it to me in the next 4 days -- I have faith it will!

So now I'm very excited about this weekend to see Moi dix Mois after 3 months! I was honestly devastated thinking I'd have to wait all the way until September for the next performance, but now theres no more waiting!

Let's send all our dix Love to Moi dix Mois at LIQUIDROOM this weekend!! ─+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚─イ♪

by the way, I bought several old magazines with MALICE MIZER photos in them with lots of interviews in you can probably imagine I already have quite a few interviews I want to translate, so instead of making everyone wait I'm tempted to set up a photo gallery of scans on my website so you can at least check out the pictures. The only issue is, I'd really like to put together a nice looking photo gallery, but I'm not sure which software I should use... Does anyone have any suggestions?( `-ω-)

Sarah! ♥

Fantastic!!!!!! (^_^)//

ah!!! a Chilean friend is going to japan today and he will go to the live too!!!! OMG!

I told him if he see you, gave you a hug :)
2012/06/20(水) 23:49:56 | URL | Gonzalo #ODhh62Kk[ Edit ]
Awesome!! I hope to see him there!! :D :D :D
2012/06/20(水) 23:58:16 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
I'm so happy for you.
And so very, very jelly. XD

2012/06/21(木) 02:21:50 | URL | Jess's #OySdzji6[ Edit ]
Yehh!! (claps) (^_^), I'm really happy. In the end all ur efforts will be paid in good. Enjoy ur time there.
2012/06/21(木) 17:36:09 | URL | Fahad #-[ Edit ]
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