Moi dix Mois @ Versailles Presents Tokyo Metropolis Live Report
6/26 Edit

I'm so sorry guys, I just realized I mixed up a song on the playlist. It was Pendulum, not Witchcraft that was played third. Those of you who posted my setlist on your blogs might want to change it. I edited it in my entry below.


The Versailles/D/Moi dix Mois live finally came to an end tonight and left me with lots of energy...and a huge headache...XD

Anyway, let's get to it!

D was the the first to perform tonight -- that was a bit of a surprise to me.
Before the live started I had been wondering to myself if Moi dix Mois or D would perform first...the reason is, usually in lives where several bands play theres sort of an untold rank which affects when bands play.

Since D, Versailles, and Moi dix Mois are all significantly well known my guess was that the first performance would be a toss up between Moi dix Mois and D. Actually, when you think about it logically, I think Moi dix Mois probably should have technically performed first. However, I think since Kamijo has such an immense fondness of Mana thats why they got to perform right before Versailles.

Anyway, back on topic.

D opened the night with "Yami yori kurai..."
To be honest, the first time I saw D play live, at the Mad Tea Party live in 2009, I really wasn't too impressed. Of course I've known D for years, but with such amazing music videos they put out and the wonderful sound they record on CD, I suppose my standards were a bit high for their live performance. Therefore there was a part of me tonight that wasn't particularly interested in D playing, but actually tonight they exceeded my expectations!

Although I do like D a lot, I wouldn't particularly consider myself a fan of the band, so there were a number of songs I didn't know. But the performance of "Yami yori" was fabulous, and I was really happy at the end of their set list when they finished with "Yami no Kuni no Alice". I haven't listened to D in quite a while so it turned out to be refreshing to hear them again.

Next was my personal favorite part of the night -- MOI DIX MOIS!!!

This time I happened to remember every song they played, so here is the complete set list!

SE -- In Paradisum
The Seventh Veil
Je l'aime*
immortal madness
Dead Scape

So first of all, if you're wondering about appearances, there was nothing particularly unique about the Moi dix Mois performance this time (although it was still enjoyable!!). So as for costumes and make up -- its the same as what we have been seeing for a little while now and Mana still has blue hair.

After Witcraft was played, Seth did a short MC stating that this year is Moi dix Mois' 10th anniversary, and in commemoration they have prepared a new song -- Je l'aime.

Actually, Je l'aime was one of my biggest motivations for getting a ticket to this live. That might sound strange in a way...because of course I wanted to go already to see Moi dix Mois, but ever since the first performance of this song at the March Le dixieme live I've been dying to listen to it again! Having said that, Je l'aime was my true fulfillment for the night. I just sincerely love all the mix of elements Mana has combined in this song that it sorta pulls on my heart strings...I really can't wait for Reprise to come out just to listen to that song again and again. (Naturally I'm anxious to hear the other songs as well, but Je l'aime has truly entranced me)

During the MC, Seth made a few brief announcements, mentioning that the March concert was the marker of the 10 year anniversary and Reprise is expected to be released on July 11. After that, he talked a little about tonight's theme -- The Gathering of Roses (Bara no tsudoi). He mentioned how D and Versailles most definitely have obvious rose themes behind their band image, and although Moi dix Mois does to some extent...its not like the other two particularly. So in order to contribute to the Rose theme, Mana took out a single blue rose on stage and threw it into the audience.

Then there was a message from Mana (read by Seth). Mana asked if we were having fun tonight, in which everyone had to yell, but he wasn't satisfied so we had to yell louder until he was happy. From there he talked about his past with Kamijo and how they have known each other for many years and that Kamijo used to work on staff for MALICE MIZER.

The MC was ended with a story from Mana about a "Mana & Kamijo Episode" as he called it.
It seems this was several years ago, but Kamijo wanted to buy a new computer but hes not very knowledgeable or up to date about these things so he contacted Mana saying "HELP MEEE!!!" (they said that part in English). Mana recommended to Kamijo that he has to get a mac so thats what he ended up with. Then Seth added at the end of the story, "Mana-Sama is the Mac master!"
Mana also made a short comment directed at Kamijo, in which he said "Bonjour Kamijo!" (well he made hand gestures while Seth said it)

From there, Moi dix Mois would go in to immortal madness, but first they decided that tonight's key word for immortal madness, rather than the usual dix Love, would be changed to "Rose Love!"
Poor Seth slipped up once and said "dix Love!" instead while making the announcement and ended up laughing at himself and saying "no no, Rose Love!"

It seemed everyone really got into it since the "Rose Love" theme spoke out towards everyone performing tonight.

Soon after that, going straight in to Dead Scape, and then Ange the concert ended too quickly for me!

Finally was Versailles, who played a lot of songs I'm not familiar with. It wasn't towards the end of their performance that I started recognizing songs, but I'm not going to go too much into it because I'm not particularly writing about this live for Versailles.

In short, during the MC Kamijo took a lot of time talking about Mana and their past together. He said he was sooo nervous when he first met Mana and his heart pounded when he heard him talk for the first time. He seemed quite emotional when he told us this was the first time hes been able to share the stage with Mana (as 2 bands). Then he also added at the end of the MC going into the next song, "Vampire", because Mana is Kamijo's Vampire master.

After Versailles was done they eventually came out for an encore where they played Sympathia and the Revenant Choir. During Sympathia we were encouraged to show our pride for our most favorite band(s) we came to see, so Versailles fans held out glowing roses in the audience, Moi dix Mois fans were told to make the "dix sign" and D fans waved their flags in the air in unison as everyone swayed back and forth. It was a really nice moment. Of course most people there were Versailles fans and it felt like almost nobody else around me was making the dix sign for Moi dix Mois. f(^^;;

On that note, the concert ended and Versailles took extra time interacting with the fans. Hizaki came up right to where I was at and tons of fans started going insane trying to touch him, and suddenly he grabbed my hand really tight to keep his balance. LOL It cracked me up. XD

After that, the night came to an end.
It was such a fun night, and totally worth all the trouble it took to obtain a ticket.

dix Love!!

Next is the meet & greet session with Moi dix Mois in July with the album release, and then Deep Sanctuary III in September!! I can't wait!

by the way, heres Moi dix Mois' wonderfully vibrant flyer for the September concert:

Gorgeous Mana...just always. LOL XD

Anyway, time to rest now and hopefully find a way to rid this headache.(>_<;)

Goodnight, everyone~!

Thanks for the live report!! was amazing!! can u give me permission for translate it into spanish for Moi dix Mois†Venezuela????
2012/06/25(月) 00:15:47 | URL | @HibikiSatou #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
HibikiSatou> By all means, go ahead!!! (^^)/
You can translate whatever you like!
2012/06/25(月) 00:20:39 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
arigatou gozaimasu!!! <3 kisses!!
2012/06/25(月) 00:34:23 | URL | @HibikiSatou #-[ Edit ]
Thank you so much for your report!!

Ahhh~ I would love to listen to Je l'aime!! *_____________*

Your outfit looks also great! :D

But it's a bit sad, that Moi dix Mois fans were the minority ;______; We need to support Mana! *_*
2012/06/25(月) 02:21:16 | URL | Charlotte #-[ Edit ]
was my post deleted? >.<


thank you for your report! :D

your outfit is great as usual^^

it's sad that MdM fans were the minority... though we need to support Mana even more! *_*

(the flyer is incredibly beautiful.. they should make it a poster!!! )
2012/06/25(月) 02:23:49 | URL | Charlotte #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
Charlotte> I see both of your comments...XD LOL I THINK I NEED A HUGE POSTER IN MY ROOM OF THAT FLIER.

I also thought you might enjoy this:

2012/06/25(月) 02:35:23 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
DOOOOD IT SOUNDS SO GREAT *_____* I wish I could have witnessed your favourite person Hizaki grabbing your hand. XDDDD Mana and Kamijo's MCs to each other... d'awwww. Mana's was naturally boring but Kamijo's was sweet. XDDDDD Oh God I hope he doesn't see this comment
2012/06/25(月) 04:48:58 | URL | Adamine #-[ Edit ]
WESTCOAST!!!!!!!!!! VBFHJDBVJGH BITCHES ROCK THE SOUL OUT OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 slim shady is in da house XDDD omg that made my day!!!!!!

you need that poster!!! i still have a similar one from any old dis inferno (2008?)... i should make a big copy and put it on a wall... then i'll take pics in front of it and send it to mana XDDD

oooooh: CDJ said there is a poster coming with reprise! if it looks like the flyer I will officially be offended XDDDDDD
2012/06/25(月) 05:09:33 | URL | Charlotte #-[ Edit ]

2012/06/25(月) 16:24:38 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
let's wait for the release i will blog about this poster for sure..... this post will be epic, mana will either laugh or beat me...... maybe both in the same time XDDDDDD

(it's nearly 6PM and i am in university to prepare a linguistic speach.... WTF???)
2012/06/26(火) 00:35:54 | URL | charlotte #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
6 PM and you're still at school?!!? Thats awful!!!! D;

LOOOL I can't wait to see what you post!! XD IM EXCITED NOW.
2012/06/26(火) 00:48:37 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
yeah ;___; oh god it was extemely senseless...

i am also excited XDD maybe someone will bitch again, like last time on twitter. do you remember: how was monologue de chi able to say sth bad about an ashtray she got from mana!!?!?!?! XDDDDDDDD

(omg my life is extemely exciting, i just wrote an essay about my own linguistic theory about genre........ >.< what the hell, i need a job!!! if i'm lucky i can become a hairstylist soon, they i dont nee dto write senseless essays anymore XD)

aww~~~ sleeping sarah <33 i want your cushion *__* i bet i will sleep better, when i would be able to sleep on mdm bedsheets and cushions... maybe i should cut my ugly silent moon jsk apart and make a cushion cover out of it XDDDDDDD
2012/06/27(水) 22:02:58 | URL | Charlotte #-[ Edit ]
wow thank you so much for the report !!
I loved the "Mac Master" and "Vampire Master" parts xD
I really like D too so it seems like an awesome live to me *o*
There should be more disutunbabies next time è_é ! *saves money to get plane tickets one day*

Anyway, thanks a lot again !!
2012/07/08(日) 03:27:08 | URL | Lempicka #-[ Edit ]
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You know so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I
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