Reprise Release Day II

You know I just....just loved Reprise SOOOOO MUCH I couldn't control myself and ended up with 6 CDs!

and 4 autograph session tickets!!

....I just kidding!!! (〃∇〃)

Actually 2 of them are mine, and the rest are for different friends...although, I will admit...all those fliers you see there are mine now...

But I do have a logical reason for getting so many!!

Some people were worried they wouldn't get a flier with their order, so I picked up extra copies to mail out in case anybody reeaaallyy wants one -- yeah, that means all of you who read this blog! I had already promised a few people I'd pick up extras just for that case, so thats honestly why I have a ton of fliers.

Also, the ticket #036 is mine for the autograph session, and then the other tickets are also for different friends. I'm only in possession of 2, but I'm going to let someone else use my second ticket to meet Moi dix Mois and I'm keeping the autographed poster for a friend I promised I would send it to.

Anyway, has anyone else received their copy of Reprise yet??

I suppose for many of you its too early, with shipping and all...but I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

I was asked to write out the Je l'aime song lyrics in Romanji for those who can't read Japanese characters to be able to read along or sing along. So, I now have Je l'aime up with the original Japanese text and the Romanji under it here: Je l'aime original Japanese lyrics + Romanji reading. Enjoy!!

i want a flyer, i didnt got one XDDDDDDD

but i got my reprise copy today!!!! love it!!! after listening the first time i wrote an instant mail to ff XD (and i wrote him, i am exhausted, because my job is stressing XDDD)
2012/07/12(木) 04:07:10 | URL | Charlotte #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
Email me your address and I'll send you some!! (*__*)/
2012/07/12(木) 14:24:38 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
thank you <3333333

but if we meet thus autumn you dont have to send anything!
2012/07/12(木) 21:26:26 | URL | charlotte #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
LOL That works too, Fishmaster!








2012/07/13(金) 00:20:27 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
Ahh... if you have an extra flier still, I'd love to buy one from you!
2012/07/13(金) 02:58:59 | URL | Kandace #-[ Edit ]
Apparently if you order from CDJapan you don't get the flyer, but a special Reprise poster instead. I don't know if that was only for preorders, first press, or until supplies ran out though but it is GORGEOUS.
2012/07/13(金) 07:28:10 | URL | Jessa #OySdzji6[ Edit ]
Re: No title
I know XD I will get a flier too, but not until Monday at the Autograph session -- we don't get a choice in what is autographed, we automatically get the same poster.(*_*)
2012/07/13(金) 10:17:13 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
I meant poster, not flier***
2012/07/13(金) 10:17:55 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
Ok!! If you just paypal me shipping (I guess like 500 yen? since its international) + your address and I'll send you a few!! :D
Just email
2012/07/13(金) 10:19:47 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
I may shoot you an email too on Monday if you still have extra flyers then... Well, Monday evening here, so Tuesday your time? :\
2012/07/13(金) 16:00:38 | URL | Jessa #OySdzji6[ Edit ]
Re: No title
Thats fine!!

Chances are I'll get bored this weekend and wind up in Shibuya anyway, so I'll just pick up another stack of fliers while I'm there. XDD
2012/07/13(金) 16:16:34 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
Hello! Do you still have this flyers? If yes, can you sell me one? I love Reprise so much but I didn't get flyers T^T
2012/09/03(月) 01:41:28 | URL | Orsena #-[ Edit ]
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