Deep Sanctuary III

I'm sure you've all been waiting to hear about it! So here we go!

Since Mana wrote on his blog new items (tote bags) would be sold before the live started, I decided to head to the venue about an hour early.

My friend Mikael has been staying with me for a week now since he's visiting Japan, so together we got prepared in our Moitie outfits!

This was my first time at Akasaka BLITZ and I must say I was really impressed!! As soon as we walked near the venue we saw a sea of people wearing Moi-meme-Moitie. It was so amazing!! To be honest, that was exactly how I always pictured Moi dix Mois lives to look before I had ever come to Japan, so this scene was particularly wonderful to me. I really felt like "THIS is what I've waited years to see in person!!!" so I was already excited straight from the beginning.

Anyway, Kozi's band ZIZ started out and played for an hour. In fact, this may seem strange since I've been such a big Mana fan for over 10 years now but this was my very first time to ever see Kozi live. The entire venue was screaming as soon as not only Kozi came out, but the other band members as well. To be honest, the only other ones I knew were Sugiya and CHARGEEE, whom everyone went crazy for. I can understand too, they're all really so much fun! Kozi dances all over the stage and all the other members are equally entertaining. They all have so much personality! CHARGEEE even brought out a big green light saber and started playing with it at the beginning and end of the ZIZ session.

The music was also interesting. It was like a mix of everything. In my mind I kept trying to stick any kind of label I could think of to it to describe what the Kozi session was like, but I don't think there is anything I could write that would bring them justice. I guess all I can say is that they're very original, but its enjoyable and fun to watch! The music itself was catchy and fun as well, touching on what seemed to be a large number of genres to create something unique.

ZIZ played for about an hour, and then it was Moi dix Mois' turn!!! As usual the band started out all standing on stage with their hands help up in the dix sign as the curtains opened and then they burst into song. I think just about everything from Reprise was played along with a couple D+SECT songs which included Pendulum. We were also encouraged to hold out hands when Je L'aime was played to go along with the lyrics. It has an almost holy feeling to it. I really can't praise this song, especially played live, enough! It just steals my heart away! (人´∀`*)

I'm sure you're also interested in the announcements and what everyone was wearing, so let's start out with tonight's live costumes.

Everyone was wearing white with gold and silver. Mana wore a white short puffy sleeved blouse with ruffles in the front lined in a light glittery gold, almost silverfish color. Underneath he had long white sleeves with a sort of fishnet-esque design and then white x gold warm ruffles. He also wore a white lace up long skirt similar to the one he wore on his birthday, only this one had some gold glitter to it -- it was actually really gorgeous in person! His pants and boots underneath were of course black as always.

By the way, Mana's hair is also back to black again!!! As cool as the blue looked in photos, it had obviously been fading a lot in person and never looked quite as good in real life, so I was happy for the change.

All the other members had outfits in the same style as always, only with light gold or silverfish trim to it. Unfortunately the crowd tonight was insane, so I had a hard time seeing any of the other members for very long. I mostly could only see Mana. I'm not saying thats a bad thing, but when I go to Moi dix Mois lives I like to get a sense of the entire atmosphere.

Then it was time for the announcements. So what was Mana's important message?

Mana is going to release a sort of autobiography type book which will include talks of the past 10 years, and I believe if I heard right, it will have some MALICE MIZER things included as well?

There will also be a DVD (just as I predicted!!) which will include all the lives from the Le dixieme anniversaire live series, and then a second Deep Sanctuary III which Yu~ki will also special guest at will be held in Osaka this year, and finally Dis Inferno will also be held this December.

Sounds like Mana has a lot going on lately!!

Mana also decided to advertise some of his goods for purchase. During the MC time, he came walking out on stage holding the new blue Moi dix Mois tote bag and modeling it off for us. Then he had a Matin Manaapy towel which he pretended to blot his face with like he was hot and walked to the end of the stage and acted like he was going to throw it out at us, so everyone started going crazy until he snatched it back as a joke. Then he threw it out again, this time letting go so everyone got excited trying to catch it when suddenly it was pulled back on a string!!! He got us again!(°Д°)

After that, more songs from Reprise were played and eventually the band left the stage.

Finally it was time for the moment everyone had been waiting for!!

MALICE MIZER music started to fill the venue with instrumentals from Bara no Seidou, and then Mana, Kozi, and Yu~ki broke out into Hakai no Hate!! I really thought it would be Kioku to Sora but I was wrong. Thats okay though, because I LOOVE Hakai no Hate! Such an awesome song choice! Afterwards they performed N.p.s.N.g.s. and everyone was screaming "DIE GAME!" in response when kozi would sing out the chorus. Also, everyone had changed into outfits just for the MALICE MIZER session. Mana was wearing a black and dark blue? frilly blouse with black pants, Kozi had on a red and black punk-like outfit similar to what was shown in the Deep Sanctuary II booklet and Yu~ki had on a yellow and brown outfit, but kind of toned down with a more earthy feel to it.

This was also my first time to see Yu~ki in person!! Wow! He's a lot more stunning in person than I would have imagined! To be honest, I've always liked Yu~ki, but I've never been a huge fan of his particularly so I was really surprised when I saw him. Not only that, the performance between the three was phenomenal!!! It really was a live you would regret if you didn't go see.

After NpsNgs Mana, Kozi, and Yu~ki walked off stage, and during the call for an encores the three walked back on stage and played around with each other a little (Kozi started picking at Mana's hair) and then they joined hands and bowed together several times to the crowd and left with their arms around each other. It created a wonderful feeling during the live! There was also one point where Kozi and Yu~ki were talking a little and Mana just bust out laughing at them. So cute!

I think the live seemed so much shorter than it was, but thats always what happens when you enjoy yourself. I swear it all ended as soon as it started tonight. But I can't say I'm not pleased. Tonight was such a wonderful night, I'm soooo happy I got to see the original 3 MALICE MIZER members perform together on stage once again. I think theres nothing that beats seeing such a performance! I hope I can save enough money to go to the live in Osaka when it happens.

Anyway, I also have a number of photos from today, which includes a few scans and of course photos of the new tote bags.

I bought both tote bags for sale so they can match any kind of outfit I wear.(*´∀`*)

Two new fliers handed out (click thumbnails for full size images):

And finally a few new Moi-meme-Moitie items I bought for today's concert!

I bought the new M+CROIX ring in Antique silver, a new M+CROIX x Alchemy print headbow and then the shoes I found at closet child. ♥
I ended up changing my shoes out by the end of the live why is why you don't see them in any of the pictures. I wish I had done it sooner though because I was really too short to see much tonight even though I was in the 3rd row…

Anyway, it was a wonderful night I will never forget!!

dix Love!!!x10

OMG thank you so much for the report (and that it came so soon!!!)

it sounds EPIC!! sounds like i missed some history....

glad his hair is black again!

and also glad he didnt squeeze himself into an old original costume... (i am still traumatized of the santa mana thing >.<)

je l'aime *__________________________*

aah the flyer is epic! *__* DO WANT! XDD
(not the mother of derp flyer of course)

i am sooo excited about the autobiography! i am always telling ppl i want sth like that!!

the headbow is sooo nice!! and we are shoetwins now!

sry that my comment is so... weird, it's late and i am excited XD
2012/09/03(月) 04:56:10 | URL | Charlotte #-[ Edit ]
OMG thank you for the amazing report !!!
I'm sooo happy about the autobiography !!! I had told him once I really wanted him to write one but I doubt it's because of that xD
and OMG NEW DVD !!!!!! that's awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't wait <3
I hope a new Deep Sanctuary will happen next year, maybe I could attend.

The live sounds great, Hakai no Hate ! <3
Thanks for the report !!!
2012/09/03(月) 05:05:18 | URL | Lempicka #-[ Edit ]
Thank you for the report dear~~!

Doesn't ZIZ sound nice? I'm absolutely in LOVE with their album, and I bet they sound great live *__*.

I'm super curious as to what MdM's outfits totally looked like, I hope they release a few pictures soon at least~
Sooooo excited for the new DVD too! I had been wanting an MdM DVD release for a WHILE now! All those lives..

Glad Mana changed the hair back lol. And I gotta love MM's bromance tbh. And Yu~ki is such a hippie omg <3 hahah~~
2012/09/03(月) 05:28:58 | URL | maruka #-[ Edit ]
Is a pleasure read your reports! <3

Thanks Thanks!!!!!v-10
2012/09/03(月) 07:43:04 | URL | Gonzalo #-[ Edit ]

that was so gorgeous!

you are a lucky girl! I would gave my entire life just to see these 3 people onstage T___T

as always, thank you so much for your kind report <3
2012/09/03(月) 07:54:13 | URL | Suteki #vLVqb3z2[ Edit ]
Report gorgeous. Thank you! Imagine how great it was at the concert. A song ZIZ you did not like? I love them very much. My dream is to see Kozi on living. Thank you again! Good luck!
2012/09/03(月) 12:20:16 | URL | Elvira #-[ Edit ]
Thank you for the report! I'm glad Mana is back to black hair :D
Btw Sarah, do you plan to translate Madousho vol.3 and 4? I can't wait to read it!
2012/09/04(火) 15:33:46 | URL | elluin #-[ Edit ]
Re: No title
I'm so glad too!! (*__*)

Yes, I need to get working on those again! XD I have Madousho vol. 3 like halfway done so I should probably work on finishing it up!! LOL Then I'll start working on vol. 4 (^^)

2012/09/07(金) 19:06:13 | URL | Sarah [] #-[ Edit ]
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