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Finally I got done with the new Game Lab article that came out earlier this month!

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Mana-Sama's Deep Game inferno

~Part 2~

This Month's Pickup

Otogirisou [literal translation-- St John's wort]

Company: ChunSoft
Release Date: March 7, 1992
Console: Super Famicon [Super Nintendo]

Mana-Sama's Love of Darkness and a New Genre that Fascinated Gamers

Well, its part 2 of the new series "Mana-Sama's Deep Game inferno"! This time why don't I introduce a very innovative game among Super Famicon software, "Otogirisou".

A Game that Combines Images, Words, and Sounds

I was extremely shocked when I happened upon this game title. It was a sound novel, creating a whole new style where you could continuously read the game screen like a book. Although I say the expression "You could continuously read the game screen like a book", that was the game. The purpose of the BGM and images are so the atmosphere of the world in this work are understood well through visuals. To give you further details, I should say its a mysterious genre thats more like "a midway between a book and a movie". In those days this kind of style was extremely original, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was revolutionary. When this game was published, I had a premonition inside myself saying "Certainly this new world is going to be something like I've never been seen before". I remember I ran to buy it at the game stop without any hesitation the very day it came out. Then when I actually got to play premonition was right.

Right in the beginning where it says "Otogirisou", the title is written ominously and intense! Furthermore, on the flowery Otogirisou words it also says "Revenge"....... It has somewhat of a scary feeling to it. In such a state, this work made a complete impact. Since Nintendo consoles rarely ever game out with Horror type games, I think its something that really stands out among Super Famicon games that can really be boasted about in their big lineup.

As for raising its weak points, you could name the main character to whatever you like, but the name of the [main character's] girlfriend "Nami" was something that could not be changed. If you could change this, it would feel like you're entering in a deeply delusional world....... Wouldn't it have been perfect if you could play using the name of someone you like? Well it might have made things difficult in the game, creating problems in the scenarios when Nami's younger sister, Naomi, came along. However, "Change the name~" was something I thought about.

The Story Shows Various Developments Depending on Your Selection

The setting, an old western style house, is my most favorite thing! Also, Otogirisou [St. John's Wort] are over grown all around the house, bringing about an omnious atmosphere. You could say most of the situations are visuals, so at this point the world has already been established. The entry is like a perfect fairy-tale horror world.

The adventure so far was unique; the screen was filled with a display of words-- readings like a story that rapidly draws you in. In order to guide them to their fate, the western-style house invites Nami and the Main Character in. Within 10 minutes the player has a premonition like "Somethings about to happen......"
Upon entering [the first] room in the house, the options A, B, and C appeared, making you choose one of the three. We users would have to choose which direction the story would advance in at every important point. Then based on that, the story would change.

This was so cool! Due to your choices, you could enjoy the story many times over since it would show completely different developments. This type of gaming system was extremely ground breaking during its time.

Being a sound novel, the sound was also an important component to enliven the game. As you advanced through the gloomy western-style house, dark BGM played. Uneasy feelings would then begin to stir. Seriously, my heart would be pounding and I would become extremely nervous. Furthermore, the SE were also used successfully. When you turned a door knob, a clattering sound was linked to it, and suddenly thunder would roar.

Screaming when a mummy appeared in Otogirisou's most terrifying scene

I was completely drawn into this world, and one by one as I visited a new progression, I would dread what was to come.
And then,
it came out-!
The moment of terror!

A Female mummy in a wheel chair suddenly appeared. ...It was the ultimate terror! Already, it was perfect for a horror movie. The production of this mummy reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho". Since that was the most important scene in the story for "Psycho," I completely made the link to it.

After "Otogirisou," sound novels gradually became established as their own genre. This game became a monumental work when the new genre was invented. At that time, when such a new system was being manufactured, ChunSoft's development was often thought of the most.

Even now "Otogirisou" leaves behind strong impressions. I will never forget this revolutionary game.



"Otogirisou" created a dark atmosphere. During the game, the protagonist's girlfriend, Nami, would say "I'm scared". However, in my head as I played the game, I would replace the girl's name (laughs). Sorry, Nami! Anyway, I have decided on the first live of 2013! We will hold "Fragments of Philosophy Chapter 9" at Harajuku Astro Hall on February 23rd. (Mana)

Speaking of old games, I happened to hear on the news a few days ago that apparently Atari (the US branch) has filed for bankruptcy.
The good news however is that they're seeking out buyers of the company that would include the Atari logo and their full catalog of games.

Instead of writing out the full situation here, you can find the original news report here:
Atari U.S. files for bankruptcy, but plays on


Hopefully they'll find a buyer who will preserve the Atari image. It would be sad to imagine huge changes on it that would ruin it's good memorable qualities, but at the same time it would be really exciting to see advancements and new developments for the future of Atari. A modern Atari mobile type gaming device would be so cool!

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