Game Lab vol. 10 Translations UP
Its really late right now and I have to go to work early in the morning, but since I just finished vol. 10 of Mana's Deep Game inferno (the October issue) I wanted to quickly post the translations on here.

Once again, I'll add the scans from when I originally updated so you can see both the images and translations at the same time.

Photo caption: Big Panic!

Mana-Sama's Deep Game inferno

~Part 10~



Sales Agency: Disney Interactive Studios
Release Date: November 9, 2010
Console: Playstation 3

The furthest regions of this movie-like technique!? The current console's excessive production power

Up until now in this series I have mainly talked about my love for retro games.

Retro games have certainly been a big influence in my gamer life. But at the same time with its evolution over the ages, I have constantly been having real time experiences with cutting-edge game consoles as well. Having said that, this time I want to change things up a little and touch on PS3 games.

The many transformations and alterations in the PS series

If I recall correctly, the Playstation series at that time gave me something new to be surprised about.

For example, in the early days you couldn't get a taste of 3D games except for at game centers, and this unit's ability to depict high quality polygons was presented for home use.

Continuing on to the PS2, even more [interesting] than its special graphics evolution was the use of media DVDs. Furthermore, it was regenerated to be on the same standard support level for video DVDs as what was on the market. With the entrance of the PS2, the VHS met its demise and the curtains had opened up to the new era of DVDs. You could say it was a social phenomenon that completely caused a wide general diffusion of media to switch over.

And then theres the PS3. Again it goes without saying the graphics were able to be depicted in detail, and with the ability to use Blu-ray media this time, it was just like the social phenomenon of the PS2......or not. At the time it was released, its price was its weakness, so the initial response towards it was a little weak.

On the other hand, around the same time that the PS3 was released the Nintendo Wii became a record breaking big hit. For a lot of people the accuracy in details of the graphics didn't seem to attract much concern to some extent.

I have been able to walk together with history and games, so when I experienced mistaking actual pictures for CG for the first time, it honestly sent my body running with shivers.

Extraordinarily exhilarating
Panic & Time & Racing

Even though I've made the introduction incredibly long, there is a game among the many PS3 games that has had a firm grip on my heart which I want to introduce.

While its fundamentally a racing game, this work destroyed that kind of common practice. The production is a crime-action game as well as a panic game. Therefore, its called "Split/Second"!

As all my readers may know, I'm a worshiper of racing games.
Basically I like games that are like driving simulators, but "Split/Second" is really unique; its a racing game where you get a taste of thrill and suspense in the midst of what feels like a dynamic action movie.

First of all, in the beginning stage you're in a town area. Thats where you begin your race in a sports car with your rival! In this game, when you press the ◻ button you can occasionally go into a lock-on screen for other players and use the system to set a trap by learning the course in advance. The trap is mainly a very flashy explosion, and in short, the rivals who had surpassed you will roll into an explosion accident. When you decide to do this, on one hand its extremely refreshing, but since the rival cars are displayed with player names, it will say "That person has died......" creating a strange kind of sentiment. However, being careless may cause the same thing to happen to you as well (laughs).

So really the innards of this game conflict between living and dying.

When you're running through town areas its just like the movie "War of the Worlds" with highways exploding one after another. As the game advances you have to avoid the wreckage, but the portrayal is so amazing I remember the illusions had me saying something like "Is this aimed for terrorists too?"

The voltage of jumbo-jets continually crashing

So then there was my most favorite, the airport course.

In this game, the rivals from behind can try to cling and attack, and if you decide to drift in splendor the gauge known as Power Play will start to shake. If you push the ○ button the gauge will go to it's max......

Then as a matter of course, it will some how make the road crumble. If you do this kind of destruction in the airport course, a huge tower facing towards you comes crashing down and its such a shock!

My excitement reached its full extent when a jumbo-jet came crashing down right before my eyes! The force was just like the movie "Knowing". I am without words for the PS3's ability to not be outdone by movies. This kind of portrayal isn't quite something you can just come across, so airplane maniacs would definitely want to see it for themselves.

So as for "Split/Second", I can recommend this game with confidence to people who want to try to play a racing game thats a little bit different.



Along with "Split/Second", there is a stage where with the lock-on you can rapidly fire off missiles in combat with other nearby cars. So even as you clear the missions its still as if theres a war going on on the screen! I wonder if when the PS4 is released the detailed graphics will expand even further in-front of your eyes? I just can't stop feeling excited about it right now.(Mana)

So that means 2 issues down, 2 more to go. Fortunately I feel like I'm getting back up to speed with translating again so hopefully the two I haven't done yet will go as quickly as this one.

By the way, I know its a little bit belated now, but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrated it!

I hope you remembered to keep yourself, your family, and William Shatner safe from Turkey fryer fires.

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