Requieum for K
During the KUBANA festival, Moi dix Mois unveiled their "Requiem for K" as they called it for the first time.

Tonight it seems the song has been released by the Official Moi dix Mois Youtube account in a sort of "PV" format.

Furthermore, according to this video title, the song has been retitled to Beast Side (Prototype).

The video footage is from the Fragments of Philosophy live series. This was the Chapter 1 Darkness Theater concert on November 3, 2011.

By the way,
tons of KUBANA images were uploaded on the Moi dix Mois twitter!
Although I didn't want to spam this entry with the tweets, it seems they have commentary in Japanese, so here they are with the translations...

2014.8.16 KUBANA FES Moi dix Mois morning rehearsal

2014.8.16 KUBANA FES Moi dix Mois evening LIVE start

2014.0.18 KUBANA FES Moi dix Mois The audience is holding up fireworks!

Obviously this last one has no need for translation, but I thought I would include it since its part of the set and it looks nice.

Anyway, this is a little off topic, but aside from Moi dix Mois, it looks like this weekend is going to be busy for me!!(;゚∀゚)

First, starting tomorrow there will be Azabu Juban festival for 2 days...
I've seen this festival for 5 years now, so to me its nothing new, but at least they have cheap food that I will come out for during lunch and dinner...and maybe snack...or more than one snack...(≧∇≦)
However, I work on Sundays so I'm sure what takes a 5-10 minute walk to and from the station to my apartment will take an hour.( `-ω-)

and then Monday!! I will get to see the NASA/JAXA exhibition at Makuhari Messe!! I have been waiting all summer to go and now finally its almost time! I'm so excited! But I'm not sure many Mana fans actually care about space related topics, so I might end up posting it on my other blog, Hex Maniac. I haven't decided yet.

Oh, and since last time I mentioned working on game lab again, I have still been working steadily on that and hope to post it before too long.
I really hope everyone will look forward to it!!