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Just as I thought, the street snap picture of Mana was in Kera.
Perhaps the reason he didn't announce it until last night on twitter was because he wanted to make sure the picture would actually end up in the magazine? Anyway, Kera was released today, so after an excruciatingly long wait at the Immigration Bureau, I finally got around to obtaining my own copy. Then after another period of excruciating stress, I was finally able to scan and translate everything.
I may need to explain some things about the translations though...


Mana (Moi dix Mois)
(Hometown Hiroshima Prefecture)
Game Hardware Critic

Today's Fashion Theme●
Street Goth

Full body from head to toe ● Moi-meme-Moitie
(Mana-Sama produced gothic brand)

Shoes, Rings with the exception of one●
They're from all over the place

The person you use as a reference for your style●
Mana-Sama (smiles)

Current Obsession ● I will go to the beach!**

Magazine you usually buy ● Famitsu (routinely)

Favorite Character ● As you may expect, I'm interested in game and anime characters that are made in reference to me (smiles)

Fashion you would like to try next ● An 80's hardcore style gigantic mohawk and a studded leather jacket

The Moi dix Mois live "Dis inferno XIII ~LAST YEAR PARTY~ will be held December 12 at Tokyo, Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE. Details and other news are on the HP

I wanted to talk a little bit about the Current Obsessions part.
At first glance, I didn't understand the expression "I will go to the beach!" at all, so I went to research it and apparently it had come up in this blog entry on Monologue†Garden previously.
(My translated version here)
Still, even though I translated it previously, it was quickly apparent to me that what I wrote wasn't quite accurate...
I did a bit more research and finally came up with a much clearer answer!!
It turns out Mana did a two part interview after the release of D+SECT in Dec. 2010 with a website called
(Both parts can be found here:
Part 2 of that interview actually answers the meaning of this phrase specifically!

Here is that portion translated:

-- Perhaps people from all over the world are listening to "D+SECT". Within that, there are probably people who can't understand the real meaning trying to be expressed in the fine details of Japanese, but surely there are things Mana-Sama wants to convey, that will be conveyed, don't you think?

Mana:Since my outlook is also brought about by the melodies of the songs, I think there are a lot of people all over the world who can get the feeling that way. Because I often receive emails from overseas saying "I like your sound". Whether its Japanese or some other language, I think there are probably things in my music that aren't being conveyed. I think Moi dix Mois melodies (tunes) are something only I can write.

-- Some how they are sad and ominous, yet beautiful melodies. Naturally this is something original only to Mana-Sama, and when listening to the melodies, I think only Mana-Sama can perceive it all completely. Nonetheless, Mana-Sama's spin on the melodies seem to take on a color, like blue.

Mana:What, is that so?

--Yeah, these are just my own thoughts, but it still doesn't feel like something like pink or red. or red. Well, I do like the ocean.

--Like how you symbolize "I will go to the beach," you must love the ocean? (※Note:"I will go to the beach"was a shocking phrase Mana-Sama remarked a long time ago in a MALICE MIZER interview)

Mana:(laughs). The "I will go to the beach" situation was that in the ocean in Japan doesn't really have a beautiful ocean color... The color of the ocean that I like probably isn't the ocean in Japan. What I like is a transparent blue. I like the marine blue in the shallow part of the ocean.

ーーSo then, overseas.

Mana:Preferably the ocean with no people in it.

To further go into detail, those of you who read Japanese may think "How does 浜渦やるだよ (Hamauzu yaru da yo) actually translate to "I will go to the beach"?
To be honest, this is jut my preferred way to translate it because it conveys the idea a bit clearer for readers who don't understand Japanese. A more literal translation might be something more like "I will make Hamauzu" or "I will play/perform Hamauzu"
These phrases just don't make a lot of sense when trying to convey them to English readers, and while Hamauzu doesn't specifically mean "the beach" it could be translated to something like a "sewfood stew" or a "whirlpool in the ocean" if you wanted to get technical. However, in this case, the phrase is completely made up by Mana and thus non-sense, which is why even in the later half of the interview it starts sounding strange when translated to "I will go to the beach" and the interviewer notes it was a "shocking phrase".

I know this was an extremely long explanation, but the phrase itself is complicated...

Anyway, when researching this phrase, I noticed apparently at one time I had plans to translate the entire interview, but I'm not sure if I actually went through with it? I couldn't seem to find it if I did...
If I actually did translate it and anybody knows where its located, I would be really happy if you could let me know!!
If I didn't translate it, would you guys like me to? If so, please let me know about that too!!
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