Dis Inferno XIII


I don't know if everyone noticed, but for those who did, did you enjoy my live tweets when I was at the venue?
I shared some pictures and talked about things as they were happening, and it ended up being really fun!
Of course when the concert started I had to turn off my phone, so from that point is where the entry starts tonight...

The doors opened at 5:00 PM, but I got there around 4:00 because some new goods were going on sale. I have pictures and information about those items, but I'll talk about them in more detail after the live report portion.

This time my number was really good so I was extremely close to the stage (2nd row back, but I was a little bit squeezed between the first and second row once the live started). The first thing I noticed upon entering Duo Music Exchange was the set up of the stage.

There were no curtains this time, so we could see everything clearly upon entering.
This time the stage was decorated with the large Moi dix Mois logo in the background, two iron gates on each side with blue roses, and two large wooden crosses hanging from the top of the stage on both the left and right sides.
I was standing on Mana's side as usual, so I noticed there was a bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on top of his amp -- certainly this would be used during the concert as it traditionally is for Dis inferno!

Waiting an hour for the concert to start felt like an eternity, but as always the music from Goblin was playing a mix of songs from various Dario Argento movies, which tends to keep me moderately entertained and put in the mood for the concert.

As the concert started, suddenly some loud electronic type music started playing with the stage glowing red! Each member came out in the order of Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth. They were each wearing the same glittery type costumes they have been wearing more recently for concerts like this. Originally these outfits were used for the Moi dix Mois Experience a few years ago. Mana's and Seth's looked like this, but this time Seth had blonde hair with streaks of red in it:

Bzu0c3NCcAAFr8_.jpg IMGP0001m+s230-3 copy

Sugiya and Hayato's outfits had red glittery trim on what looked like their typical style outfits (Hayato with a ruffled blouse and wide pants, and and Sugiya with a vest and black pants), however Ryux's outfit reminded me of something that was reminiscent of Sugiya's old style with kind of a longer blouse and cape that goes down to a little above elbow length... to be honest, this probably isn't really anything different from how we've seen Ryux to begin with in Moi dix Mois, but one thing I noticed in particular was a large golden cross in the middle of his blouse as well as gold trim on the cape portion of his outfit. Some how it really stood out to me.

Anyway, the first song that was played was the Pact of Silence and then they went immediately into Diabolos et Angelie as it was announced!
This was pretty shocking for me, because its the first time one of the new songs has been played as the very first song. Not only that, we got a bigger surprise when the second song started! It was another new song that was played for the very first time. I believe it was called Material Death?

To be honest, I'm not 100% for sure this is the real title of the song, but this seems to be what various fans agreed that they heard Seth announce. I guess you could say this is similar to Diabolos et Angelie...I'm still not convinced this title is completely accurate, but its what everyone has settled with in mutual understanding of the song name. The big problem is, Seth tends to be a little difficult to understand when song titles are in a different language than Japanese...

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the new song! Its a relatively quick tempo electronic type song. Naturally it has many typical Moi dix Mois elements included in it, so its relatively easy to guess where the song is going in terms of melody, but I still felt like there were enough new sounds to it that set it apart and made it unique. Particularly this one had an interesting guitar riff in the middle that really stood out to me. I think there were many things that made this song so impressionable -- first off it felt like it came completely out of the left field! By that I mean usually new songs are introduced at the end of the MC, so in the middle of the concert. It was also an extremely high energy and aggressive song which came across as a bit unexpected when was Seth suddenly roaring out the lyrics right from the start. Not only that, everyone in the audience caught on to the energy of the song so quickly it made me question "Am I crazy, or has this song never been played before?"
The twist this concert took right from the start threw me off and left me with more questions than answers, but it was a really wonderful surprise!

From there, Deflower and Embrace were played.
In fact, this time I have a full set list for everyone! Thank you to those who helped out with this song list!

1. The Past of Silence
2. Diabolos et Angelie
3. NEW SONG -- Material Death (?)
4. Deflower
5. Embrace
6. Front Et Baiser
7. Perish
8. The Prophet


9. In paradisum
10. The Seventh Veil
11. Night Breed
12. Sacred Lake
13. Twilight Flower
14. Immortal Madness
15. Dead Scape
16. Beast side
17. Ange
18. Je Laime

1. SESSION SONG -- Deus ex Machina
2. Vizard

Going from the set list, let's start with the MC.

This time it was relatively long, but there were several fun stories and exciting information.

Seth began by reading a message from Mana to everyone.
It started as it usually does -- Mana asked if everyone was enjoying themselves.
The audience screamed, but Mana wasn't satisfied with the response, so everyone had to give it a second go.
Again Mana thought the response wasn't good enough, so with the ding of a bell he walked off stage and wouldn't return until everyone was screaming "Mana-Sama!!!" at the top of their lungs!

From there the information continued with Mana talking about how this year marks two special occasions.
First of all, Dis Inferno XIII marks one year since Ryux joined Moi dix Mois! Although there haven't been many concerts within this one year time span, it seems everyone (band members and fans) has come to really love Ryux and welcome him with open arms into the band. Ryux made a short commentary thanking everyone for their acceptance of him and how hes looking forward to continuing with Moi dix Mois.
The second special occasion was Seth having now been in the band for 10 years!
Its so hard to believe; even though Seth has had a long time presence in Moi dix Mois it feels like time goes by so fast! I remember when he first joined Moi dix Mois and some how it really doesn't feel like 10 years have gone by already...really, wasn't it more like 5 years?? I know it wasn't, but it feels that way to me...
Anyway, Seth was encouraged to share some of his memories of joining Moi dix Mois, so he shared a story from when he first started. He said at the beginning of his career with Moi dix Mois he had to ride a plane to go abroad for the first time in his life. This was the first time for him to go on a plane altogether, so he was extremely scared. The whole time there were many different thoughts rushing through his head, but as they were boarding Mana went up to him and said he doesn't have to be afraid because if anything bad happens Mana will be able to fly the plane! Everyone laughed at this point, because this story comes from long ago, and I have no doubt everyone in the venue understood the joke.

For those who don't know, Mana has mentioned a number of times, particularly in the beginning of Moi dix Mois, when they visited Europe that he was terrified of flying...However, Mana is also extremely interested in airplanes, so hes read a number of books about the mechanics and various other information about them. Because of that, he used to say quite often when they would go abroad, "Since I've read a lot of books on flying, I would have to be the one to take over the plane if anything happens to the pilots!"
Whether he sincerely believes this or not nobody can say, but its been a running statement hes made whenever Moi dix Mois goes overseas.

Upon the end of this story and Seth thanking everyone for their support since his time in Moi dix Mois, Mana came out with a bouquet of 10 roses and presented them to Seth. Apparently this was a complete surprise to Seth because he looked genuinely surprised and said "Oh Thank you!! Are these really for me??" and Mana continued to shove them in his face until he took them.
After that Seth also mentioned this coming March 2016 will mark 10 years for Hayato and Sugiya, so they will probably be congratulated at that time.

Next in the message from Mana were announcements of the next lives. Mana's Birthday concert will be held for two consecutive days, Sunday March 20th at Mt. RAINER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE and Monday March 21st at Shibuya WWW (both days are national holidays). Its likely the reason why two days were chosen is because Mt. RAINER HALL is a small venue and will sell out fast.

After that, probably the most exciting announcement was made......

Up to now there are a total of about 6-7 new songs that Mana has composed (for those who are counting this would include Diabolos et Angelie, Beast Side, Twilight Flower, Embrace, and Material Death, but there are a few more that have been written but not played yet), so that means Mana has been doing various things to prepare for a NEW ALBUM!!

I imagine most everyone knew this was coming, but I was happy to hear the words finally spoken out loud officially!
Theres no information yet as of an album title or release date -- Mana is still in the process of composing and working on new music, so once he gets to a point that there will be enough songs for an album he'll eventually start working on the process of making an album. Therefore, we're still going to have to be patient as we await this album, but now we can be excited knowing something is actually in the works!

Towards the end of the MC Hayato spoke a little to everyone asking them if they've been good or bad for Christmas (I think? I forget...). It seems to be becoming a new habit that Hayato makes a few talking points during the MC now days, but sometimes its a bit hard for me to understand him because he speaks really quickly...

But regardless, with the ending of the MC, the concert resumed to it's second portion once "In Paradisum" began to sound and then immediately into The Seventh Veil.
If I recall correctly, during Immortal Madness, Mana finally took the Jack Daniels bottle that was sitting on his amp and ran over to Ryux. At that point he repeatedly started tapping Ryux on the shoulder until he finally payed attention and shoved the bottle in his face. Ryux took it and started chugging it until it was about half empty and called Mana "Mana Nii-chan" (Big Brother Mana). Everyone started laughing, including Mana! so the "keyword" during Immortal Madness was changed half way through from "dix Love" to "Mana Nii-chan" for the rest of the song.

Later on in the concert, there seemed to be a new segue between Beast Side and Ange!
In the past Beast Side always ended with the tolling of bells as a way to signify respect for K and to give everyone a few moments to reflect before the next song started. This time however, instead of bells, Beast Side ended with the sounds of the beginning of Ange, essentially connecting the two songs. This was a really interesting and clever way to go about this point because in the past K was always the one to make a special introduction for Ange, but since hes not here it still felt like his presence was around due to the connection between these two songs. However, even with the connection, Seth was the one to make the introduction to Ange this time. It still seemed to have the desired effect though, so the new implementation between these songs was great!

Finally at the end everyone was asked to raise their hands towards the stage for the final song, Je l'aime.
The song played as always, and at the very end everyone said their goodbyes and walked off the stage.

Of course this being Dis inferno everyone was prepared for the encore when Mana would come on stage to play drums!

Once the music came back on for everyone to come back out on stage, Mana ran out first wearing a blue Hanten with kids and pianos printed on it (its a Japanese padded winter Kimono for home use -- this one is Mana's favorite), Matin Mana T-shirt, and a black black skirt while holding up two drum sticks in the shape of an X before running straight to the drums. Next Seth came out to announce each band member and the instruments they would be playing for the session.

Hayato was on guitar, Ryux on bass, Sugiya on guitar, Mana on drums, and Seth of course on vocals.

As Hayato, Ryux, and Sugiya entered the stage they each gave Seth a hug and then stood in position for the song to start.

I should note, that even though this is the typical line up of instruments the members play during the Dis inferno session, I can't help but feel surprised and excited every time Hayato starts playing guitar! His stage presence is really fun and it seems like he thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to interact with the audience, so hes constantly smiling and having fun with everyone when he plays. He even chased after Seth while playing and tried to poke the end of the guitar up Seth's butt!(;゚∀゚)
While Hayato is great at drums, it would be amazing if he could come out on stage playing guitar like that more often!

Also, everyone was wearing Moi dix Mois themed shirts because the session this time was a Moi dix Mois song -- Deus ex Machina.
Seth was wearing a new jacket that was sold at the venue today (and he was using a new towel that was sold for the first time today as well when he took small breaks between songs) while the others were wearing T-shirts sold at various past lives (Sugiya may have been wearing a shirt and the new jacket actually). It was a little disappointing that no cover songs of 80's bands were played, but it was nice to see Mana actually taking on a new role in one of his own songs. However, there were times during the song where Seth had everyone in the audience shouting out "1, 2, 3, 4..." and while it actually went together with various things being yelled and chanted during the song, I couldn't help but wonder if the real reason for this was to help Mana stay on track while drumming (it really seemed that way if you watched him drum while it was being chanted).

I'm not sure if its my imagination, but the Deus ex Machina session seemed cut a little bit shorter than normal. Perhaps this is because taking on new roles is a bit difficult for the members. Even though Seth sang as always, even he was out of breath and he mentioned for the last song, Vizard, he was going to try to put all his energy into it one last time.

At this point everyone returned to their normal instruments and Mana put on the new Moi dix Mois jacket. Seth said a few words about the new goods for sale and a few people in the audience screamed out "you look cool!" so in response he asked "How about my hair? Is it cool too?" and everyone screamed.

In the middle of Vizard, several huge blue balloons came floating out into the audience and everyone started hitting them into the air! However, it felt like the balloons this time didn't last very long. Two of them popped almost immediately and one of them got stuck between the railing and the stage and nobody could grab it to put it back out into the audience. Of the balloons that popped, several smaller balloons came out, so everyone started hitting them around. One of of the larger balloons popped on Hayatos drum set, so when the smaller ones came pouring out, Hayato had to keep hitting them out of the way so he could continue playing. They were still floating around him though during the entire song...

Some of the large balloons kept hitting the crosses set up over the stage which made me nervous because the crosses started rocking back and forth a lot...it seemed a bit dangerous...
Mana also hit a few balloons with his guitar and at the end he picked one up that landed on stage and walked towards the middle of the stage, but suddenly without any warning he threw it extremely fast at the side of him into the audience and it hit some girls in the face. Everyone was really shocked and even Seth said "why did you throw it like that so fast!?"
Actually, it seems like every time the balloons come out at Dis inferno Mana gets carried away and throws the balloons in people's faces violently. At one point one of the larger balloons nearly hit me straight in the face, but I ducked in time and other people shoved it into the air.

At the very end once Vizard came to a close, all the members lined up in front of the stage. Mana zipped up his jacket and shoved his hands into the pockets while he waited as Seth said a few closing words. People in the audience started screaming out that Mana looked cute the way he was standing with his hands in the pockets of the jacket. Finally Seth told everyone to join hands and on the count of 3 all the members and everyone in the audience were to jump in unison for the end of the night.

With that, the members left the stage together as the classical song Pompus and Circumstance played signifying the end of the concert and the end of the year.

While there were a few things done differently than normal this year (no cover song or singing "Can't Take my Eyes off of you" at the end), the number of surprises and exciting announcements made at this concert far outweighed everything else! As we end 2015, we can start looking forward to everything that is to come with Moi dix Mois in 2016!

But before ending this entry, I had a few pictures to share with everyone!

Flowers from ESP in front of the venue

Unfortunately you can't see the details as much as I would have liked in this picture, but I tried to dress in a goth/punk style this time. Its hard to see here, but the skirt is the new(ish) Fall Cross print

You can see the detail a little better here:

And finally the new goods!



The front of the Parka has a new version of the Moi dix Mois logo with a simple MdM and a cross and the back displays the Moi dix Mois Decagram. At the concert it cost 5,800 yen and the towel was 1,500. As for online orders, they will probably be available soon, but I imagine the prices may go up on the website to about 6,000 yen for the jacket (goods have a slight discount when bought at the concert venues).

For those who are interested in seeing it worn, I took a picture but its only from the front.


Since it zips up its great for every day use and I'm sure I'll probably be wearing it all the time. Theres no fleece interior, so it isn't particularly great for cold winter days, but it should work perfect for fall and warm winters! I'm going back to my home town towards the end of the month, so I think this parka will work great in Houston weather!💙

Anyway, Dis inferno ended well and now its time to rest before I have to go to work in a few hours.
Good night and dix Love!!!!!!!!!!