Happy Kami day!!

......Actually, should I say "happy" since its his death day? What I meant is happy in terms of celebration of his life.
Anyway, I've been planning this entry for a while and I was worried I wouldn't get it done in time, but I got as close to finished as is humanly possible just now, so I wanted to make a special entry for today. Yes it includes the surprise I mentioned in the last entry that I was working on AND information on purchasing Ma Cherie issues I've been wanting to sell!!

So first, the surprise...

ARENA 37C Vol. 181 Translations

Our first time to find out answers about concerts, singles, and this video all tied into one —

This month we are sending out a special edition two part MALICE MIZER video talk and special supplementary questionnaire. In preparation for the video filming, while one person gained 5 kg (laughs), another person lost 3 kg. It seems it was a difficult shoot, but I think there have been several people who already saw it, those being the production people who finished it up, but there is something new to discover each time and the photo work is being completed in an abundance of imagination!

My fingers were shaking in the scene where I drink tea (laughs)

Due to the film being an all France location, it feels like we got to see a part of the MALICE MIZER world. Its an excessively sad story that unfolds in a middle ages European setting, but saying a moment in time in space is something everyone within a good life will experience. Words are not everything, but by expressions and movements, we want you to get a sense of the universal theme that lurks within this work.


--What kind of image did you have in mind this time when you made the footage for the single "Bel Air ~A moment in time in space~"?

Gackt "'Bel Air' equals, not talking about the video this time, but there were a lot of stories I had in my head. One among them was a pickup I made and came out with"

--Well then, as we introduce the cast of the performance, please listen to what each person has to say about their role. So I would like to ask a little about YU~KI-san, the role of the Heroine's older brother, as well as your impressions from the scene where you were drinking tea. Didn't it seem like a Nescafe commercial?

YU~KI "Did…it? Actually it was strange though, wasn't it (laughs). We did the tea drinking scene a lot, but that was because my fingers kept shaking and my teeth kept chattering, and there were several times where it was no good and it had to be taken out"

KOZI "Its because your a person whose hands naturally shake"

YU~KI "It would double at the moment I would hear clattering, even when it was just barely anything. I would get flustered in an instant. Also, an important point is that I was playing a kind older brother, so in preparation for the role I gained 5 kilos. I should say roughly (laughs)"

KOZI "I've got to say you were flustered the first time I watched that"

YU~KI "Yeah because it had to go in a perfect circle. Anyway, I had to do a lot of eating. Even so I'm basically not an actor, so acting was difficult. Since I knew what I had to do in each situation, I didn't practice and it all became a hit-or-miss. The director in each situation would give me advice, facial expressions, or hand movements, and I had to get the image down in my head."

-- At that time did you forget about yourself as a musician?

YU~KI "Not at all, I'm still the older brother on the inside"

--KAMI-san played an aristocrat, right?

KAMI "And in addition to that, I was the hero's friend, or please add something like a phantom friend. So (the two of us) had a deep relation. Other than that, no comment"

-- KAMI-san, your facial expressions showed us your true colors a bit, didn't they?

KAMI "More precisely, it was a spontaneous part, and I didn't get much of a turn (laughs)"

-- But didn't you have a scene where you got to fight Gackt-san in fencing?

KAMI "I practiced fencing a lot, but that scene was so tough I collapsed. Even though there was gravel underneath we had to redo it over and over again and my clothes got worn out and it hurt"

— Now then KOZI-san. When you were dressed as a clown pantomiming did you already feel familiar with it?

KOZI "How should I put it, I didn't practice at all and there were some things I was taught several minutes before the filming, so (the coach) watched me act, but I still did it in my own way. I thought to myself maybe I can do even more, but that doesn't mean that something that was filmed wasn't also cut. However, the director said, ahh thats good. Isn't it different from what I see myself doing on the monitor? In a way it is a little... But, maybe I can say that since I didn't have to act in quite such a human-like way compared to everyone else, my part was a little easier."

— Also, you dressed as a fortune teller, but it was scary when you rolled your eyes back, wasn't it.

KOZI "I put that in myself. I guess that means I am a clown. If I were to speak about something scary, the scene that was shot in the basement was very scary. It was really cold, and with all the things and specimens that were displayed around, the atmosphere was scary. Originally it was a wine cellar, but since there were no people it felt terrible, so I kept that in mind so as not succumb to the atmosphere."

-- MANA-san was dressed up and guised as a glamorous high rank prostitute, but didn't you think your whole aura was closer to a stage performance?

MANA "It is a similar atmosphere, but stage and movie atmospheres are different, so the acting was different. You have to play as a flesh and blood woman, so that part was troublesome. But if I can use make up to get that sort of appearance, it feels a little bit closer"

— So then, the hero role was Gackt-san.

Gackt "The climax scene was filmed at the beginning. On the contrary to YU~KI, I lost 3 kilos of weight just for the first day and that was already terrible. I released all water from my body and had to go into waiting mode"

-- There was a sound effect that resounded like a gong. That made the film more intense, didn't it.

Gackt "Its great if you listen to it from a good speaker. That strange sound really comes out"

— What kind of theme did this movie have?

Gackt "What is human? Making that come to life"

-- How would you like fans to interpret this film?

Gackt "There are no particular limits. For this reason it can be interpreted in various ways and thats why there are no words. When you put all three things, the video, concert, and single, together this time around you can try to see the answers for the first time. But we wanted the people who saw it all to get that sensation."

-- Well now, please give us your thoughts about the lives you will have spanning 2 nights on October 10 and 11 at Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall.

YU~KI "We will definitely be doing it like a tour finale, so since I think its something that will exceed everyone's expectations...I will do my best (laughs)"

KAMI "I think the tour finale will be the form we have rapidly grown into from doing the tour. For the time being I want to challenge [myself] and say I mastered this tour. I am really enlightened by touring, and as I do it, I think about skillfully expressing myself."

KOZI "Same as they said before"

-- Previously MANA-san said that the stage recently has changed completely from a year ago, but has your way of presenting changed as the venues get bigger?

MANA "Its completely changed. Between big halls like the Shibuya public venues and live houses there some distance from the audience. In the past we did theatrical type things, but can we still show that as it becomes concert halls? So our presentation techniques and performances change along with the the venues"

-- Recently I thought about the time at Akasaka BLITZ which had a dream or illusion-like image. But on the other side does it feel like actual reality?

MANA "Yeah, it hits really hard. We think an illusion-like image is wonderful, but an essential part is something lively that humans bring in, so I hope they can aptly feel something like that"

— So finally, Gackt-san.

Gackt "The 10th "deuxieme anniversaire~Splendorous Revival," will be a day that has great meaning for MALICE MIZER. The name suggests Easter, or perhaps I should a restoration, for people who have never seen MALICE MIZER until now. It may be misleading to call it that, but however you encounter MALICE MIZER, its MALICE MIZER. I often say we continue to change, but even if my means of expression change, that part is fundamentally the same. Even though we change, we don't change, and we don't change, but we want to continue to change so maybe thats what I'm trying to give you a feeling of.
So, the meaning behind a moment in time in space in "Pays de merveilles~kuuhaku no shunkan (a moment in time in space)" is for me is how I felt in the moment in time in space during "Verte Aile". Thats what I want to express"

— And whats the reason for that

Gackt "Just before the live on July 20th at BLITZ the dog we've had in my family for over 20 years collapsed, and had surgery in the middle of the live. However, once the live finished he died... In addition to that I didn't know how things were going, so that day was particularly horrible and the door to that time in space made me see something in a new light. I guess I should say everything is beginning from here. For this reason thats something I will show in these two days. The first half of the tour I was in a slump, so in the last half I want to approach a level I've been thinking about myself. Its painful for me to always have on a positive face, and in order to show it I want to be able to feel it"

A moment in time in Space -- I translated this phrase into the most appropriate way as possible into English, but it may be better known in Japanese as 空白の瞬間の中で (Kuuhaku no Shunkan no naka de) or as its shortened in the interview 空白の瞬間 (Kuuhaku no Shunkan). This is the extended part of the song title "Bel Air". In fact those who are unfamiliar with the Verte Aile video may be unaware that the video runs immediately before the start of the PV to Bel Air, so the concepts of the video and PV are mixed together in this interview. Every time "A Moment in Time" or "A Moment in time in space" is mentioned in this article, please keep in mind that its a reference to Bel Air.

Special Supplementary
Personal Imagination Questionnaire

Those of you MALICE connoisseurs may acknowledge that there still may be many things you don't know...... Therefore we made some questions.
We got word from the members saying "The questions were interesting" (laughs)
The questionnaire in this magazine was responsible for keeping MALICE up all night thinking, so as a result we wnder what kind of answers might they have given everyone......

MANA (g)
Q. Favorite food
A. Of course flaming hot curry
Q. Food you dislike
A. Nothing
Q. Favorite drink
A. Tomato juice
Q. Drink you dislike
A. Nothing in particular
Q. Favorite scent
A. Fruity scents
Q. Scent you dislike
A. Women who wear strong perfume at night
Q. Favorite scene
A. White sky, blue sea
Q. You can only shed tears 3 times in your life. The first time is when you were born. So what are the other 2?
A. I can't decide
Q. If you could go in a time machine, where would you go and what would you do? (Going in the past or the future is OK)
A. There are no time machines, so I don't want to think about it.
Q. If you became a hit man what lethal weapon would you use? and whats the reason for it?
A. Stupidity. I'm not used to using it.
Q. You get an unlimited supply of money. With it you have to direct a film. What kind of movie would you make?
A. The life of a phantom chef
Q. What kind of time is the best "moment" for you?
A. The time when I'm sleepy and go to bed

KAMI (ds)
Q. Favorite food
A. Meat
Q. Food you dislike
A. Tofu, potatoes
Q. Favorite drink
A. Melon Milk
Q. Drink you dislike
A. Japanese sake, Whisky, etc
Q. Favorite scent
A. Sweet scents
Q. Scent you dislike
A. Something that could be considered a generally bad odor
Q. Favorite scene
A. Not a night scene, but the view looking down from a high place in the middle of the afternoon
Q. You can only shed tears 3 times in your life. The first time is when you were born. So what are the other 2?
A. When someone important dies, and tears from being emotionally moved
Q. If you could go in a time machine, where would you go and what would you do? (Going in the past or the future is OK)
A. I can't answer it since its an 'If'
Q. If you became a hit man what lethal weapon would you use? and whats the reason for it?
A. A lazer beam gun like pewpewpew…...
Q. You get an unlimited supply of money. With it you have to direct a film. What kind of movie would you make?
A. A movie about a person who makes a real castle and becomes the ruler like in the warring states period
Q. What kind of time is the best "moment" for you?
A. When I have done the best LIVE

Unfortunately if I wanted to be able to post the translation today I didn't have time to finish all the Q&As so I will be posting Kozi and Yu~ki's as I get the chance to finish them later on. Hopefully today/night this entry will be updated with their parts. However, the main point this time was Kami, so I felt satisfied as long as I got his and Mana's Q&A finished. Fortunately they were relatively easy to understand, so please enjoy what I have up so far!!

The reason I chose this magazine interview was because earlier in the month Mana posted these Q&A's on his twitter and I imagine those who didn't understand the answers would probably be interested in them. However, when I received the magazine I was surprised to see an even bigger interview on Bel Air and Verte Aile, and if I was to post the Q&A portion I felt the need to post the entire interview as well. Therefore thats how this came to be...

If you haven't seen Verte Aile before, I found an upload of it on Youtube!

Usually I wouldn't post footage of songs/videos on here, but since Verte Aile is now so old, its a bit difficult for many people to get their hands on, let alone watch it on a modern DVD/Blue Ray player.

Aside from the translations, I finally wanted to release information on the Ma Cheries I'm selling now too!


Its volumes 2-8 but Vol. 2&3 come together and vol. 6&7 are also a single issue.
Since Vol. 2&3 is pretty rare, I'm looking to sell it for 1,500 yen and the rest will go for 1,000 yen each.
Shipping will be determined based on where you live and the method you prefer (Standard Airmail is generally about 500 yen, and EMS tends to be somewhere around 1,000 yen).
I inspected each booklet, and they all seem to be in good condition!
Anyone who is interested in buying any of these issues, please send me a message in the mail form on the right side of this site or send an email to mephistoangelo (at)

There are a couple other things I would like to note too before ending this entry.
First of all is the new web flyer made for Deep Sanctuary V!


It seems based on Mana's twitter he would like it if everyone could post this flyer around the internet to advertise DSV, so please post it on your blogs, etc!
Also, Deep Sanctuary is only 3 days before my birthday so I'm personally excited about it!(≧∇≦)
I even have a cosplay in mind that I'm beyond ecstatic about trying for the first time... But what it is is a secret until then.( ̄ー+ ̄)

Lastly, it seems anyone who wants to attend the Moi dix Mois Hong Kong concert on October 23rd will be able to obtain tickets regardless of where you live!
There will be a ticket raffle which you can enter starting June 24th and results will be sent out on the 28th.
For those who are interested, details can be found here:



Anyway, now its time for me to get back to work. Hopefully I can update the translations later on tonight!! Please look forward to it! (´・ω・`)=з