Dis inferno XIV Extras, Hiroshima Carp Katsu, MdM New Jacket, etc...
Since its been a couple days now, I imagine most everyone has gotten a chance to read my Dis inferno XIV concert report. If you haven't, you can check it out in the previous entry I made here↓


Speaking of the concert, I realized after posting my review I missed a somewhat important detail!
Not only that, Mana made a small reference to it as well, so I'm a little mad at myself for overlooking this point.
If you haven't seen his twitter, this is where he posted about it and shared a picture of his outfit from dis inferno!

If you haven't seen my translation of this post yet, this is what it says:

Thank you for waiting! Here's a photo from Dis inferno XIV! Does the wild image match Jack Daniels this time around!? By the way I made the bone necklace that I wore myself! However when explaining the process of how to make it, it seemed like the venue was a bit noisy... what what what... Everyone burst out magnificently at this live!!


The point I wanted to talk about is the Jack Daniels!!
How could I forget!? エェ━Σヾ(・ω・´;)ノ━!!!!

So on the stage I noticed two bottles of Jack Daniels, one on a stand behind Mana and one in front of the drum set near the area where Seth usually stands. During the MC, Seth said something along the lines of "Since its dis inferno, then we naturally have to have Jack!" so Mana walked over to the stand behind him and took the bottle Jack Daniels as well as a straw, but he tried to quickly hide the straw behind his back (it didn't really work; if I saw him take it and try to hide it, then everyone did LOL). Seth announced that Mana has to drink the Jack Daniels, so he went to the center of the stage and pulled the straw out from behind his back and put it in the Jack Daniels to drink. When he did, everyone in the crowd started laughing because it was such a strange sight!
Actually for those who don't know, the bottle of Jack Daniels usually has tea in it, so its not like he was drinking alcohol straight from the bottle. Once he stopped, Seth explained that since Mana never opens his mouth, he wanted to keep that mystery, so he refuses to drink it straight from the bottle (...wait a minute, hasn't he tried drinking it straight from the bottle before? The same year he took a huge gulp and then Seth said it was tea immediately after because everyone in the audience was freaking out?).

After that they continued on with the MC as I explained in the previous entry.
I guess with so much happening at the concert, that detail was something that was easy to miss out on because it was so short. The segments with the Jack Daniels at Dis inferno are usually a little bit more of a focal point than they were this year, but the Jack Daniels was indeed included!

By the way, I finally tried the Carp Katsu I received at the concert!

Taking pictures and explaining it would have been simple enough, but I thought it would be more fun to make a video of it.
I took a picture of it as well before eating so you can see a little bit of the strange consistency I was talking about.

CarpCatsuPackage.jpg CarpKatsuOpen.jpg

Will I ever try eating it again?? hmm....Maybe!

Lastly, I also talked briefly in the last entry about the new jackets that were released.
Since I bought both of them, I wanted to share pictures on here!

JacketFrontBK.jpg JacketBack2BK.jpg JacketBack1BK.jpg

Starting with the black one, the look is relatively standard to last year's black x white version but its a nice change for those of you who like this color scheme instead! To me it feels a bit more casual for regular use because it doesn't stand out quite as much as the blue one, so I've been wearing this one out a bit more since the concert.

JacketFrontBL.jpg JacketBack2BL.jpg JacketBack1BL.jpg

To me the blue one stands out a bit more, but I like the concept with the colors! My only issue is its a bit brighter than I would have liked, so I haven't really worn it anywhere outside my apartment yet. I'm sure I will eventually, but I also haven't had that many chances to wear either of them.

I also included details of the design on the front and back because they're a little bit different the black version.

JacketMdMLogoBL.jpg JacketLogoBL.jpg

What I'm talking about is the silver itself. The silver on both the black x silver version and this blue version are a little bit sparkly, whereas the red is just a basic red print.

Unlike last year's black x silver version, these two jackets have warm fleece lining inside, so if it gets cold where you live, these are perfect!
According to Mana's twitter there is only a limited number of these jackets, but at the end of the live I still saw the merchandise booth still selling them, so maybe if they didn't run out they will end up on the Midi: Nette shop to purchase online.
I will keep an eye out and post links on here if they show up online.

now that Dis inferno is over, I have to start thinking about going back to the US to visit my family.
I'm leaving tomorrow, so I have a ton of work to do today!! (≧△≦)
See you on the other side of the world for 2 weeks!