ESP Mana new guitar event tomorrow!!
As mentioned in my last entry, I really wanted to talk about this recently, but since today now marks the day before the event I feel like its now or never!!


Just now ESP released this image of the new Jeune fille X Ferrum -Cross Ray Illusion- on their twitter and on Rakuten for sale!

ESP JF X Ferrum order page

Honestly I'm pretty shocked they've put it up for sale so quickly, but I suppose it makes sense that they would do it in time for the event tomorrow. Besides, those who order a Jeune Fille tomorrow have an extra opportunity for some kind of special event with Mana outside the guitar unveiling, talk, and autograph/handshake session.
I would like to note, however, even though this information was posted, I don't truly expect many people, if anybody, will do it...I kinda think its for formality, because only 200 people can come to the event and its feasible to believe these 200 people are those who either have their own Jeune Fille already or don't intend to buy one... Unfortunately had I known about this event sooner, I definitely would have waited to purchase my Jeune Fille at this event! (/ _ ; )

Anyway, speaking of the event!
I haven't written a lot of information on here, so I'm not sure how much I need to explain about the participation, but I will anyway for those who may not know.

A few weeks ago Mana explained that he designed a new T-shirt for the event, so once those shirts were released on the Midi: Nette shop website they were necessary to buy to participate in the event. Buying a shirt sort of constitutes as your ticket to tomorrow's activities. There were two kinds as well, a regular T-shirt and the longer "dress" version. I didn't know which one I would like better, so I ordered both.


At the time of order, we needed to add a commentary during check out that we wanted to attend the event, and if we had any other remarks or requests we should include that as well.
When I say requests I mean that the event is divided into 4 parts. During each session only a maximum of 50 people can enter the ESP museum at a time, so we were encouraged to request which time slot we wanted to be in if we had a preference.

Originally there were only 3 time slots, so the maximum number of people altogether was to be 150 people. Since I ordered my shirts immediately I decided I really wanted to be in the last group if it was possible (I secretly felt like maybe since the 3rd group would be last there would be a chance for extra time during the meet and greet session). However, a couple days later Mana wrote on twitter that the event sold faster than he expected so within 24 hours the 150 people filled up completely! He expressed that it made him feel bad for those who didn't get a chance to enter their order within that short period of time, so he asked ESP if they could expand the number of people who could participate. In the end Mana and ESP agreed to a 4th time slot for 50 more people, now allowing a maximum of 200 participants. The reason it was only 50 more people is because basically they had no idea how many more people would want to go so they had to make a fast decision.

Aside from ESP, Mana has been the only person working on all the details and such for the event. He explained on twitter that after the whole 150 - 200 people participation fiasco, there seemed to be some more problems arising. The confirmation emails for the selected participants were sent out some days after it sold out, but it seems some people complained they never got a confirmation email when they should have. Mana has been manually sorting out and sending all the emails for the shirt orders and event himself, and even drawing up the seating arrangements for everyone on his own! (;゚∀゚)
Therefore, I kinda hoped maybe he would understand in my original commentary on my time selection for the event as I just really wanted to be in the last group. However, once I finally got my email with the seating arrangement he chose for me, it was still the 3rd group, rather than the 4th. I guess he only understood my request on a literal level. (´~`ヾ)

Well, its ok. Actually the numbers I got were 6 and 7 (yeah, he accidentally gave me 2 seat numbers so depending on what the seating arrangement looks like, I'm guessing I'm in the first row? Or at least somewhere in the front since those numbers are pretty low.

After several issues had come to pass due to a lack of preparation or truly knowing how this event would work out, eventually an apology was released on Mana's twitter and blog. Personally, I don't think its necessary to apologize, but based on his reactions on twitter about everything, I think hes been feeling a little bad about so many mistakes. -- Its ok! Don't worry about it! The event will still be fun regardless!!

So as the event will unfold, we will go into the ESP museum and find our seats, then there will be a short unveiling with Mana (whispering to a staff person) talking about the guitar. If time permits and he feels like it, he may also play the new Jeune fille X Ferrum for everyone! Afterwards, there will be a meet and greet session with autographs. This time around Mana requested to be able to spend some form of extra private time with each person who comes, so based on what hes written, it sounds like there will be a portion of the museum blocked off for this and the room will probably be decorated in Mana-style. As far as I remember, the ESP museum was pretty small, so I'm curious to see how all of this is going to look and work out.

Anyway, theres not much more that can be known about this event at the moment, so now its only a matter of 24 hours before it all comes to light!

What do you all think of the new Jeune Fille? Although the design and concept is the same as always, the choice of texture and color is totally different. In fact, I'm a little surprised by the colors chosen for the cross in the center. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I thought it might light up like a French flag, but instead its simply multi-color. It looks kind of like Easter, doesn't it?
(*Extra note-- Actually "Ferrum" is Latin for Iron or the Chemical symbol Fe. While that makes sense for the guitar design to an extent, now that I think about it, could the cross in the middle actually be representational of some kind of Alchemical related meaning?)

I look forward to seeing it in person tomorrow! Of course, I will also be sure to write all about the experience on here too!

Until then!