Mana x ESP New Guitar Event

At long last the the Mana guitar event was held today at the ESP museum!

To be honest, the event was extremely short, so I think my event review on here will be relatively small compared to my concert reviews

As I talked about in last night's entry, the event was divided up into 4 time slots. I asked for the third time slot originally, so thats exactly what I got.


As I was getting ready today I started becoming extremely nervous!! This was really my very first time to go to an event completely on my own. Usually there are new people from all over the world trying to come to Moi dix Mois concerts and friends I've known for a while as well, so I would typically go with them, but this time I didn't really have anybody. Well....actually, I should say going to the event itself on my own. It turns out I accidentally went about an hour too early because I was a little confused on the time (and nervous, and overwhelmed...) and I happened to bump into a few of you who I know!! I was a little relieved about that, but it turns out nobody I knew had the same time as me!

Also, there was the situation that Mana accidentally gave me 2 numbers for this event.
It was a little embarrassing. When I walked in to the venue to check in, I was given two tickets for my numbers and then later on when I entered the event space somebody helped me find my seat, but then eventually the staff realized I was alone, so they came up and asked me if anyone else is coming with me. When I told them no, its only me, they were just kinda like "oh ok" and didn't do anything more, but I guess it was confusing? It couldn't be helped...

So upon entering the venue and finding my seat we still had some time before the event started, and I noticed lots of people were taking pictures, so naturally I tried taking a few as well!


This is from where I was sitting. The seating arrangements were a little strange. Rather than being in clear rows, it felt a little like the seating was sporadic. Since I had tickets 6 & 7 some how my seats were in the second row, but there were no seats in front of me what so ever. Actually I sat in seat 6 because this seat had nothing in front of it, so I would have a clear perfect view right up front. Seat 7 was behind someone but closer to the middle. My seat was a little bit off to the side from the middle, but I felt like it really didn't matter. Anyway, eventually the staff announced the event and talked a little about the rules and the sequence of events. Finally they then asked everyone in the event space to yell out "Mana-Samaa!" and Mana appeared holding his new guitar.

You can see the picture I took above, although the room was dark so its a bit hard to see its color and style. However, it seems ESP posted a really nice picture on Instagram today!

ESP Photo source

Today Mana was wearing a Moi-meme-Moitie outfit almost exactly the same as the one I wore at Dis inferno XIV this past year. For those who don't remember, it was sort of a blue and white marble looking blouse (although Mana's was black and white) with a long black gilet. However, Mana's had buckles on his; I believe its one they had released in more recent years. His make up and hair style were in the typical Moi dix Mois style, which was a little bit surprising. Usually at meet and greet exclusive type events he has a more subdued look. After standing at the front of the room, Seth was then announced as the person who would speak for Mana. Seth, in comparison to Mana, was extremely casual. He wore a black hat with his hair back in a ponytail, a plain black corset, and black pants. Ryux was also pointed out by Seth, but Ryux was standing in the very back of the audience filming the event. He was really far away from where I was sitting so I only saw him waving his hands up so everyone could see where he was.

From Mana's Twitter

After that, Seth talked a bit about Mana's guitar, basically saying the same kind of information Mana has mentioned before on Twitter. Basically the Jeune Fille X Ferrum is very different looking from the past Jeune Filles with antique black and silver paints used, along with a new texture and the crossray light that shines multiple colors. It looked like the light has many more options than before. Rather than simply blinking or staying on/off this one can change its colors or stay in a certain array of colors. Even as it stayed on red in the photo at the top of this entry, it looked like it could also continuously shine in sort of a primarily blue light as well (still sort of with mixed colors though).

Once Seth finished briefly talking about the guitar, he then said Mana is extremely nervous today but he really wanted to play a song for everyone. At my time slot he played a short portion of Beast Side. According to one of my friends, he played Je l'aime at the 4th time slot (I'm not sure about time slots 1 & 2).
Unfortunately as he played Beast Side, he completely turned his back to the side of the room I was sitting at! (≧△≦)
I guess its a little understandable, because there were a lot more people seated on the opposite side from where I was sitting, but I would have loved to have seen him play a little! I wish he would have kinda turned to face each area of the audience so we could all see...
I kinda just ended up watching Seth as he watched Mana with his back turned to him. because Seth was standing directly in front of me...(´~`ヾ)

So then Mana finished playing after a few seconds and then Seth announced it was time for the autograph session. Mana immediately ran to a small area of the room next to me that was blocked off by a folding wall. The whole unveiling and display lasted probably about 5 minutes maximum, so there was hardly any time before the autographs began.

My number was called relatively quickly, so as I entered the room I noticed Mana kinda suddenly jumped/acted surprised and smiled at me for a second but then went right back into his normal composure. The blocked off area was still a part of the museum (it was at the back of the museum) so there was a display that Mana stood by (also with a table in front of him) that contained various other Jeune Filles and a large cross prop used for Moi dix Mois lives! When I approached the table, he basically just stood there and stared at me looking expectant like I should do something. I had no idea what I should do, so after a minute of both of us just looking at each other waiting for the other person to do something, I started getting nervous and took a gift I had for him and accidentally chucked it at him.(≧∇≦)
The way he grabbed it was like a football or something! I guess neither of us expected that to happen, so I accidentally then laughed a little out loud! He put the bag on the table and then autographed this picture for me:


Once he finished, he slowly handed it to me and then shook hands. At that point he made some small noise. I think maybe he wanted to say Thank you but he stopped himself? I'm not sure... Also, maybe its worth noting, he shook hands again in the same way he shook hands with me in Hong Kong! Back then I explained in my concert report that the way he shook hands int he past was a little unusual. He would kinda wave your hand around a bit, maybe to seem more "mysterious" but in Hong Kong he finally shook hands with me for the first time like a normal person. This time the same thing happened again, so I was happy about that. While the image he maintains as a musician is nice, I really love to see Mana in a more natural light. Therefore, something like this has a bit of value to me.

After we shook hands, he then bowed to me a couple times and I headed out.
Before leaving I took the panoramic photo you can see above and another of the guitar itself.


Then there was nothing more I could do, so it was time to leave.

By the way, before ending this entry I have a few extra photos to share!

I noticed a small yet unique detail in the event space! The lights above the area where Mana stood were crosses! I wonder if anybody else noticed? I live for hidden details like this!

IMG_3535.jpg IMG_3554.jpg

I didn't take any coordinate photos this time because I felt like what I wore was extremely casual. It consisted of the Jeune Fille X Ferrum -Cross Ray Illusion- T-shirt, a puffy black layered tulle skirt and boots. I noticed people were sort of a mix of casual style like mine and Moi-meme-Moitie dresses. I knew the event itself would be relatively short and casual so I didn't really feel the need to dress up too much. In the end I think I was right in doing so too. At least for me personally it seems like a lot of effort to spend hours getting ready for something that only lasted a few minutes. Of course on the other hand it was interesting to see how everyone dressed for the occasion!

In conclusion, as I mentioned, the event itself was extremely short. I imagine the reason may be that both Mana and ESP were unsure how things would go with this being the first event of its kind, so perhaps in order for the timing to work out it was necessary to make things go quick. I was a little sad it went by so fast, but I also feel extremely grateful and happy to have been a part of this event! I hope there can be more Mana events like this in the future!

I hope everyone else who went had a great time as well! For those who couldn't make it, I hope this entry painted some kind of image in your mind of what it was like to be there!

dix Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!