華麗なる〜La包丁貴族〜スペシャルディナー付きライヴ Report

Today was the special Moi dix Mois event + concert, 華麗なる〜La包丁貴族〜スペシャルディナー付きライヴ (translated— The Great ~La Kitchen Knife Aristocrat~ Special dinner and live)

As expected, this event had a totally different flare to it, and as I think of that I feel like I want to make this entry have a special vibe as well. Theres a lot of information to cover, but I hope to write this in sort of an engaging way that may come across different from my past concert reports.

First of all, before entering the venue, the staff put up seating charts so we would know where to go.
This time I wasn’t able to get a ticket on my own, but I was contacted by someone on twitter who had an extra. What was really surprising to me was that today when I received my ticket, the number was way better than what I expected! The table I was seated at was in the second row from the stage!

(click the thumbnail for larger size image)

For those who are curious, I was number 62 so you can find it on the seating chart if you like!

Once I entered the venue, the set up was just as I mentioned some entries ago on this blog!

This time around, taking pictures during meal time was okay, so everyone was freely taking pictures by and of the stage. I thought it was a unique view to see the venue before too many people sat down.

(click the thumbnail for larger size image)

Another thing I talked about in a previous entry was the number of people who would likely be in attendance. If I’m not mistaken, I said the number would be somewhere around 200 people (more specifically, without writing it on here I had estimated about 192 seats), and it turns out my estimate was extremely close!! The grand total was actually 186, so it was only off by a few.


Before going further with the dinner portion, I should mention there were a lot of points that were either a hit or a miss. My impression overall is still extremely positive and I enjoyed it, but there are a few things I feel should be done a little bit differently in the future, or at least clarified. Since this was the very first time for Moi dix Mois to have an event like this, its to be expected that things might not go perfectly, so I hope this event serves as a learning experience and there can be more events like it again some day!

As we entered, the first thing to do was get a drink before sitting down. There were basically only two choices.

Both of these cocktails are cocktails Mana made up some years ago and gave away as a gift at the Moi dix Mois 10 year anniversary live to only a few lucky people. In my case, I chose the alcohol version because I was really curious to see what it would taste like.

Here are the contents of each drink:

Alcohol Ver.
White Rum
Tonic Water
Grenadine Syrup
Blue Curacao

Non Alcohol Ver.
Pineapple Juice
Blue Curacao

Unfortunately by the time I received my drink, the venue was running out of the blue curaçao so its not quite the color it should be. I’m not a person who usually drinks alcohol, so it was a little strong for me…in fact, after a little while I started to feel like I was getting drunk. (;゚∀゚) I always wondered what a Moi dix Mois live would be like drunk, and I my question was answered tonight!! More on that later though…

While the drinks were a nice touch, there is on thing I really wish everyone would have been informed of before the concert…
Usually before any concert in Japan, you are likely to have to pay a mandatory “drink fee” of about 500 yen ($5 USD). This is essentially a venue admission fee, but in Japan it includes a ticket for one drink at the bar. Most people exchange these tickets at the end of the concert for something like a bottle of water. Anyway, as always we needed to pay that 500 yen fee, but it turns out that there was an additional fee on top of that for the cocktails! The alcohol version was an additional 200 yen ($2 USD) and the non-alcohol an extra 100 yen ($1 USD). The additional price in and of itself wasn’t really that big of a deal, but it really caught me off guard. I guess I had the expectation that since the tickets to this event were double the regular price all the costs were already included. I think that if I was surprised by this, surely everyone else was too…especially when these were the two drinks that were insisted upon… Mana, you don’t just sneak in hidden fees like that!! Inform everyone before hand so we’re prepared! m(_ _)m

Once I got to the table, the first thing I noticed was the menu.

If you read my last entry about curry, then maybe it won’t come as a big surprise to you that we ate….curry!
I was really expecting curry to be on the menu. However, something I found a little confusing was that earlier in the past weeks Mana wrote on twitter about the menu. He didn’t explicitly say what it would be, but he gave me the impression that perhaps the menu would have choices, especially when he mentioned listing ingredients of the menu choices in case anyone has allergies. Before he talked about that, I had assumed he might make everyone eat the same thing, but after those tweets it felt more like there would be a selection. In the end, there was only one true menu item, but everything written is the details of what food was included on the dish itself.

The food came from a catering company called “Sushi & Beyond”, so there were several catering staff completely dressed up as they went around from table to table and handed us our dishes. The blue part is the curry itself and then the meat included was fish and tandoori chicken. It really wasn’t bad and not overly spicy either (actually it was pretty mild). We also got a salad with some kind of vinaigrette dressing, but I forgot to take a picture of that (it was served way later for me because the staff didn’t see whether everyone got all the dishes immediately or not). Anyway, it was a salad. Just imagine a salad in a bowl. (≧∇≦)

If anybody wants to know exactly what the menu says I can translate it. Just let me know!

At some point while we were all eating, Ryu walked out on stage with a camera on a selfie stick, making a video for Mana. He ended up walking around the entire area talking to various people and filming as much as he could. To me it was a little bit embarrassing because I don’t really want someone to take a video of me eating, so I wonder how others felt about it? I understand why he wanted to do it though. The reception towards this seemed to be answered with a bit of cheering and semi-embarrassed sounding laughs from everyone. It was nice to see one of the members at least come out and say hello to everyone during this time!

Speaking about that, this is where my prediction in my last entry turned out to be wrong, but I wouldn’t say it was a total defeat for me!!
Originally when this event was announced, I talked a lot with friends about how it could possibly work. I knew there was no way the Moi dix Mois members would come out and eat with everyone, so I really feared that maybe they wouldn’t interact at all with this portion of the event. I big reason why I worried about that was because I kinda felt like whats the point of having such an event if theres no participation from the people hosting it? What would anybody get out of it, really, if they have no idea what they’re going to eat, they have to potentially sit next to complete strangers, and the band members won’t come out? It seems like it would far easier to just let people go where they want and eat what they like in their own time…

I can only imagine Mana’s answer to that would be “You won’t know if you will like the food or not until you try it, so does that aspect of the dinner really matter so much? Also its a special ‘Mana’-style meal! You can’t get that just anywhere, so thats the real value of this event!”

Be that as it may, the details were so shrouded in mystery before today that it was hard for me to imagine how such an event could really be pulled off if the band members weren’t going to be a part of it. Therefore, I really wanted to hope for their participation in some way, which is why I proposed the theories that I did in the previous entry. In the end, my initial thoughts from the beginning became the reality. But its also important for me to add that actually it wasn’t really so horrible that the members didn’t participate. I think it would have been a nice touch, but it ended up okay regardless.


Dinner lasted for about an hour and a half, so as soon as time was up, suddenly French Pop music started playing (Mylene Farmer— if you don’t know, back in Malice Mizer days Mana was known to be a big fan of her) and Mana, Sugiya, Hayato, Seth, and Ryux walked out on stage wearing custom made chef jackets! Each jacket was white, but with red or blue trim around the edges (of course Mana’s was the blue one and all the other members had the red trim). Aside from the jackets, the bottom portion of what they were wearing was typical for Moi dix Mois (gothic boots, black pants or leggings and in Mana’s case a black long mesh Moi-meme-Moitie EGA skirt). Of course they had on all their standard Moi dix Mois make up and hair styles too, so it looked more like a group of gothic chefs than band members. I noticed Mana’s jacket had an extra band of blue ribbon sewn onto the sleeves of his jacket, so I imagine it was supposed to signify he’s the “chef”.

Immediately as all the members entered the stage, they shouted out the name of the event tonight “The Great ~La Kitchen Knife Aristocrat~” as they did some kind of hand movement for it together.

Immediately after they went to sit on these stools that were lined up on the stage and Mana was already smiling and laughing from the beginning. Each member had to introduce themselves in terms of their “position” as if they worked at a restaurant. I forget what everyone was, but I remember Sugiya said he deals with alcohol, Hayato works with spices, and of course Mana was the chef. I forget exactly what Ryux answer was, but it was basically something he made up on the spot, so the other guys said “you don’t actually cook anything!!” and he laughed about it with a shrug.

Basically they all chose an introduction related to whatever it is they like about food. For people who have gone to Moi dix Mois lives for a long time, it was something fun and easy to understand because there have been various times in the past where they mentioned what kind of foods or drinks they liked.

However, this is the part that gets a little blurry for me. Since the alcohol was a bit strong, I was already feeling the affects by this time and it was making me suuuuuper tired!!! Apparently drinking makes me sleepy, so as I was trying to concentrate super hard on this part of the event, it was really difficult! I wanted to close my eyes and lay my head on the table so bad that I had to continuously fidget around in my seat to stay awake. I noticed Mana looking in my direction a few times so I wonder if he noticed? (/ω\*)

I still go the gist of it though. Basically they spent about 30-45 minutes just talking about food related topics. I think it was a little difficult for Mana at first because there was so much he wanted to say and he would try whispering to Seth. At one point Seth made a mistake in what he wanted to say and suddenly Mana jumped to correct him, but as he did for a split second I noticed he felt out of character and made some kind of sound like “ah!!” and then got flustered for a second and rushed to whisper to Seth. All the while, he was holding a notepad with the logo he designed for this event in his hands, so Seth told him “write it down!!”

At first, the conversation was more of an introduction about the meal we had just eaten. I felt like it wasn’t really new information because a lot of it was already conveyed on the menu. One detail that did interest me though was the creativity behind the dish. The blue curry was supposed to be like water with the rice and toppings like a hill with a tree at the top. Hmm…doesn’t this seem kind of reminiscent of an imagine Mana has spoken about in the past that he really likes? The whole romantic idea of sitting on a hill under a single cedar tree? Anyway, I noticed from the beginning the dish seemed to have this image in mind, so I felt like the image Mana wanted to create was a success! To go with it, the drinks were based on a similar idea of “blue paradise” — the feeling of being on a desolate island surrounded by a beautiful blue ocean. Truly the concept of the meal matched the image of “summer” and “Mana” all at the same time.

From there, the discussion opened up more to all the members, as everyone talked about curry restaurants they like. Funny enough, Mana is such a curry otaku he knew all the shops, their locations, and extra details (like meanings behind the restaurants names) that each member talked about! Not only the audience, but the other members were shocked too that Mana knew so much about all these places…its a bit obsessive!!(≧∇≦)

Mana also wanted to mention another food he likes aside from curry — Ramen.
His favorite kind is Tonkotsu Ramen (A miso based soup with ramen noodles) and during Malice Mizer there were many times when everyone would eat ramen because they felt it would bring their strength up, especially for the MC portion of concerts. The way it was described was as if Mana took an active speaking role in those moments, so Seth had to laugh at that point because its not like Mana himself has ever done an MC. Why imply that ramen is going to power him up to talk on stage?

After a lot of discussion based on food and various restaurants around Tokyo, eventually everyone walked off stage for a short intermission before the concert started. That way if people needed to use the restroom or drink the rest of their drinks, etc, they could.


So finally the concert began! Everyone came back out on stage in the same outfits (the chef jackets) they were wearing from the discussion prior to the concert.
If I remember correctly, I believe the first song was Solitude?

Anyway, everyone in the audience during this first song sat at their chairs and tables because nobody was sure what to do in terms of the concert. Once the first song finished Seth told everyone we could stand up and enjoy the concert, and asked us to come closer up to the stage rather than stand by our seats. Everyone seemed really unsure about it, so we all slowly kept up right to the front. Usually these venues have some kind of barrier, but this time there was nothing so those of us in the very front felt like we were practically on the stage!! At first the atmosphere was a little strange because it was hard for everyone to stand like they usually would at a concert venue. Tables blocked the way for people who were originally seated in the middle or back, so being in the front felt a little abnormal. Theres nobody pushing from behind or anything…not that its a bad thing, but it felt so empty! However, when you think in terms of the number of people who were there, it was relatively empty. There were many times when I looked around at everyone in the venue it all felt so surreal and even a bit “personalized” seeing such a limited number of people.

Many times Mana would stand right up at the very edge of the stage in our faces and shove his guitar at us, making us touch it.

I forget what all the songs were, but if somebody finds a set list out there, please let me know and I’ll update this entry with it!
Of course several of the new songs were played such as Beast Side, Twilight Flower, Material Death, and Onto the Hill.

If I remember correctly, the MC was relatively short in comparison to the past, most likely because of the discussion earlier. Seth asked for Mana if everyone was having fun, but since the crowd was so small, there wasn’t a lot of power to everyone’s cheers. They made everyone yell louder several times over, until Mana decided he wanted everyone to answer with “Oui, Chef!” to him about 3 times or so to get the energy up in the venue.

There was also a giveaway portion this time. Mana had several autographed menus to give away to people, so we were all asked to go back to our seats and find our tickets so we can see if we won the giveaway. Each member came up with a number off the top of their head, but they each tried to come up with a number related to a food word, such as “Tofu” among other things (In Japanese these words sound similar to certain numbers). Each person who won raised their hand, and Mana walked down to personally give them the autographed menu and shake hands. In fact, during this time he continued to stand throughout the seating area with everyone as each member came up with a number. I was a little bit surprised, because in some way doesn’t it seem a little vulnerable to stand like that amongst everyone? Of course this is Japan and Moi dix Mois…the vast majority of people who go to MdM concerts in Japan are adults (typically older than 30 or so), so you don’t really see any extreme cases of crazy fans trying to smother the members or anything. Its something truly fun and nice to see that I can’t imagine you would be able to experience in most other countries!

Once the winners were selected and the MC finished up with information like the date and location of dis inferno in December, the concert resumed back to a huge surprise!!

They played Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku!
Everyone in the audience started screaming at this point! Of course it can’t be completely the same without the original Malice Mizer members performing it together, but it felt like a breathe of fresh air to hear a song like this!

Also, Mana and Seth changed out of their jackets into two of the new shirts that went on sale for this event. Mana wore a white x silver long version shirt with the Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary logo he created on it, and Seth wore a new shirt with the logo for tonight’s event. Some how Seth didn’t notice Mana had changed his shirt, so once he did they posed together to show everyone how they looked.

Immortal Madness is a song thats played at every Moi dix Mois concert, so once this song began, Seth came up with a few keywords to shout out at the appropriate times during the song. The first keyword was “La Kitchen Knife Aristocrat” (in Japanese) while doing the same hand/arm movement they did at the beginning of the discussion event. Seth had to attempt to teach everyone how it worked which was confusing at first. However, I realized when they were teaching it, there was some real thought put into the movement! First we had to lay our left arm flat horizontal to our chest with our right arm raised straight up from the elbow. By doing this our arms would create the letter “L” (for La Kitchen Knife Aristocrat), then we had to break out of that pose and wave our right hand/arm around in the shape of the infinity symbol (∞) and finally raise that hand up in the air to make the “dix” sign.

It probably sounds confusing, and it is!! A lot of people had a hard time comprehending or doing it. They didn’t explain the meaning behind it, but it became pretty evident to me the more they showed us how to do it.

Afterwards, Seth then changed the keyword to “Blue Paradise” for everyone to yell. He made everyone do a different set of motions for that, but I couldn’t even begin to explain it because it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I think everyone had a hard time with it, because all these movements and keywords being shouted one after another seemed to feel like complete chaos.

Finally Immortal Madness ended after a long time, and the last song that was played before everyone walked off stage was “Ante”.

Of course after this song, everyone chanted for an encore, so eventually all the members came out this time wearing aprons with the logo for the concert on them! Mana was wearing a blue one with gold writing, and all the others wore wine red aprons with gold writing.

From Mana's twitter: https://twitter.com/M_d_M_official/status/903796674530873345
From Seth's twitter: https://twitter.com/artcube_z/status/903801057393786880

Seth then announced the last song will be Je l’aime, but this time around he asked us all to sing the opening part of the song together acapella. From there, the song was played like normal, but then again at the very end of the song we were asked to sing the last part together. It was a nice feeling and a great way to end the evening! Due to the seating situation, everyone was forced to sit with complete strangers, but some how when considering the fact that many of us were put out of our comfort zones but were able to experience something like this together, by the end of the night the atmosphere at the venue felt like a friendlier place than how it started. Even I had some positive interaction with people I had never met before, so it was nice to feel some sort of camaraderie.

This concert was unique not only in contents, but in atmosphere. The number of people who could attend were extremely limited, but it felt like everyone there were people who have an undying love and support for Moi dix Mois. I can’t stress enough how sad I am for everyone who couldn’t go because the concert sold out. To be honest, I was feeling extremely depressed for quite a while thinking I had no hope of going, so I feel beyond lucky somebody offered me a ticket. I really don’t take it lightly because I feel there were probably many people they could have offered a ticket to over me, so I feel immense gratitude for that. You’re my hero!!!!♥♥♥
The situation was a little hard because I don’t like anyone to feel left out from something they love. As great as the feeling I experienced tonight was, I hope those who didn’t get a chance to go this time will bring all their support and energy to dis inferno! I think nothing can truly compare to the energy of a venue filled with as many people as possible supporting Moi dix Mois! The time until the next live will fly by, so let’s set our sights for Shinjuku ReNY! That venue has a capacity of 800 people, so everyone is sure to have a big chance at getting tickets for this live!

dix Love!!!!!!!!!!

This is just a little bit extra information thats slightly unrelated, but its something that entertained me!

While I was getting ready for the concert today, suddenly my doorbell rang. I thought it was a little strange because I wasn’t expecting anyone or anything that I knew of, but as I opened the door the post office gave me a package…

What was inside…?


Its a T-shirt for the Slayer concert in October!!! Back when I ordered my ticket, I had an option to buy a T-shirt for the event at the same time. I decided to buy it because I knew I would probably buy one anyway, so that option seemed easier than standing in big lines at Saitama Super Arena. However, I completely didn’t expect the shirt to be sent to me by mail! I thought I would receive it at the venue. For a little over a month now, if I wear this shirt its going to seem a little strange because theres a print on the back with the dates of the events, which are future dates rather than past.

Anyway, in connection to that, I noticed after the Moi dix Mois live there was a huge advertisement for this same concert!!

Seeing as Mana draws in a ton of inspiration for Moi dix Mois from Slayer, it seems a little too coincidental to just be a coincidence…..especially when that concert is at a totally different location from where we were tonight!

See you at the Slayer live next!!!!!!!!!!(微笑)