Let's talk about Schwarz Stein

Last night an important announcement was made on the Moi dix Mois twitter, which inspired me to make this flyer.
However, theres a lot that needs to be said about this so I wanted to address it on here.

First of all, although I made this flyer advertising Mana as a special guest at an upcoming Schwarz Stein concert, I should mention it is not 100% confirmed yet. However, we can be about 99.99999% sure this is the case, so thats why I wanted to talk about it.

In order to get everyone up to speed, I should take a moment to explain the current ongoing situation.

Last night Mana suddenly updated his Twitter stating that he will be performing at a certain concert in Tokyo in November, but it has nothing to do with Moi dix Mois. Here is the tweet and the translation will be below:

I have hurriedly decided to play guitar a little bit at a certain Tokyo LIVE in November!
All of a sudden another chance has arisen for me to meet everyone this year!?
This is not Moi dix Mois. So I wonder how it will turn out?
It will definitely be a strange sight!


Soon after, Kaya retweeted Mana and then proceeded to post the following tweet of his own:

Three wonderful announcements in one!
First of all, SS newest picture, isn't it great. And then concerning CafeNOIR, we will have an event in Nagoya! There are only a few seats, so hurry and make your reservations! Also, a special guest has decided to come perform at the SS Tokyo concert! Everyone please look forward to it. huhuhu... Ah, there will be more information again this evening♪

A giant hint here was hidden within the message where Kaya wrote 腐腐腐… (huhuhu...). For those who don't know, this has been Mana's special way of laughing when he posts online for many many years now, and its distinctive of him.

Afterwards, Mana tweeted again:

Everyone seems to be interested in the November LIVE...
Do you want to know the details? It would seem so...
Its an artist I have a very deep connection with. huhuhu...


So here we have again the laughing 腐腐腐・・・
Honestly speaking, the correspondence between these two as well as the connections and timing in terms of this "mysterious" November concert have become overwhelmingly obvious. In fact, Kaya dropped yet another giant clue today when he updated his blog about his upcoming shows and plans.
Kaya's Blog Entry

The portion we should be most concerned with is in the beginning of the post as follows (translations below the original text):

1. Schwarz Stein東京公演スペシャルゲスト決定!
11/12(日)に開催の『Schwarz Stein -15th Anniversary』にスペシャルシークレットゲストの出演が決定ですきらきら!!
超 豪 華 ゲ ス ト です!!




1. Schwarz Stein Tokyo Performance Special Guest Decided!
A special secret guest has decided to perform at the “Schwarz Stein -15th Anniversary” held on November 12 (Sunday)!!
Who could it be…!?
Only the people who attend will know…huhuhu…3511152.gif3511152.gif3511152.gif

At the Osaka performance, Közi, and at the Nagoya performance, Maco, will come perform as guests.

However between Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka each performance will be different.

Ahh, its going to be so wonderful!!!

Based on this entry, I wonder if they plan on officially revealing that the guest is Mana at all? Even though we can clearly see by context Mana is more likely than not the guest at this concert, I'm not entirely sure if an official announcement will be made. In fact, based on Mana's habits on twitter, I was expecting at least one more tweet about this event last night, but it never came. However, I and several others pointed out the evidence from Kaya in response to Mana directly, so I'm also not entirely sure if thats something that discouraged him from continuing to make more posts about it.

At this point, its going to be a waiting game.

Theres one more IMPORTANT bit of information!!

The tickets for this concert are already on sale!!

Schwarz Stein 15th Anniversary Tokyo Concert Tickets

Immediately after Mana made his initial tweet and Kaya dropped major hints that its the Schwarz Stein concert Mana will perform at, I started to investigate further information on my own.
It turns out the concert tickets went on sale about 1-2 days ago. Immediately I ran out the door and bought my ticket before everyone else started to notice! I figured that once the news dropped, tickets would likely sell out immediately. However, I must admit, at this point in time I have a lot of mixed feelings...

On one hand, if they decide not to officially reveal Mana as the guest of this concert, I get the feeling the intention was that it was supposed to be a special treat for fans who came to see Schwarz Stein in particular. I think its a nice move and I certainly respect that point of view. In fact, its kind of a fun feeling, when you think about it!

However, now that the news is out, I also feel split on it because I think everyone should at least have an opportunity to know the details and how to get tickets. Sure the tickets are publicly available right now, but I imagine theres a lot of people who still don't know about this information. Basically it takes a bit of minimal research (scrolling a short ways through Kaya's twitter) to find all of this out, but wouldn't it be nice if it was made more publicly available and easier to find? Like I say, if they are only anticipating this for a very particular group of people, I can understand, but they've already gone a pretty big distance to arouse more interest and it feels like they should make the information more readily available now.

I guess I feel mixed about this not only for those reasons, but because the venue, Shibuya REX, only holds a maximum of 250 people! Even though I got my ticket as soon as I found the information, my number was still relatively high when you consider the capacity (A 147). Of course it was also high because I had no idea prior to this about the circumstances of this concert so naturally several people probably already bought their tickets some time beforehand. If I already have a higher number, that means everyone else who are only now finding out about this concert have a slim chance at getting tickets if/when official information is further brought to better light.

I've never seen Schwarz Stein before and I've wanted to for probably well over 10 years now, so at least for me this has become a great opportunity! I'm just hoping everyone else will get an equal opportunity to go as well.

This isn't something I often speak out about on here, but I also feel like this is a wonderful opportunity for Mana. Moi dix Mois isn't nearly as active as it once was so its a wonder how Mana truly makes a living in his everyday life. At this point I don't believe Moi-meme-Moitie is even enough to keep a sustainable lifestyle, so I've felt for some time that perhaps he should consider taking on other projects. I'm not saying he needs to make any massive changes in his life, just that it would probably be good for him to do some extra things here and there to keep up as an artist and in his everyday life. This idea of performing together with Schwarz Stein is exactly the kind of thing that would be good for him! Not only that, its a real treat for everyone else who supports him!

Anyway, this entry has gotten long enough. I will try to keep this blog updated as more information arrives and of course since I already have my ticket there will certainly be a live report.
Let's look forward to November!!