October News & Updates
Over the past year or so I feel like it might seem as though I have fallen off the wagon in terms of keeping my site and blog updated frequently with information, but as of right now I'm hoping to change that a bit. However, I wonder a little...is it really me that isn't keeping up with the news on here, or is it simply that there isn't a lot of news?

Anyway, I thought it might be worth making an update simply with current Mana related news and information.

(Kan Jam)


Yesterday it was announced on Twitter that the late night Sunday TV show "Kan Jam" has requested to use clips of MALICE MIZER for one of their upcoming episodes on October 8, 2017. As you may guess, this implies MALICE MIZER will be shown, but that isn't necessarily ensured. Some years ago, there was supposed to be a clip or image of Mana used on another TV show about lolita fashion, but that clip was never used in the final production. Regardless, it seems Kan Jam will be focusing Sunday's show on Visual Kei history, so theres a strong likelihood the clip will in fact air!

For those who live in Japan and want to watch this show, here is the information:

Channel: TV Asahi
Date: October 8, 2017 (Sunday)
Time: starting from 11:10 PM
Official site: http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/kanjam/

It seems Kaya's material has also been requested by Kan Jam for the same episode, so be on the look out for both MALICE MIZER and Kaya.

For those outside of Japan, I will try to see if theres some way the clip can be shared with everyone. I can't guarantee anything, but if anyone has any suggestions I'm open to hear your ideas! Otherwise I'll still try to figure out if anything can be done about it. In a worst case scenario, I still plan on watching the show and reporting about it on here! I imagine the footage used will be somewhat generic and easy to recognize for a larger group of viewers, so aside from commentary I don't think the content will be particularly new.

November Mana様 Special Guest Concert: The Continuing Saga

Just as I suspected, no"official" information has yet to come to light. However, back after the initial announcement was posted on twitter, some days later Mana confirmed that the information has been "leaked somewhere".
These is only my personal thoughts, but I would be truly surprised if there was ever an official announcement of the details of this appearance, and I think mentioning that the information was leaked is the closest we're ever going to get in terms of announcement. This also means the likelihood that the appearance is at the Schwarz Stein 15 year anniversary concert in Shibuya is the correct assumption, because no other speculations have been discussed as probable, nor any hints as big as this one.
I imagine if an announcement is made, it will be much closer to the time of the concert if tickets don't sell out already.

For those who want to see this appearance, I believe its safe to say you should consider securing tickets for the November Shwarz Stein concert at Shibuya REX.

Dis Inferno XV

Theres not a lot to update about the upcoming Dis inferno in December, but I thought it might be worth noting that Mana posted on the Moi dix Mois twitter here that a rare song is being prepared for the concert!
In fact, this may be a reprise of Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku that was recently performed in the September dinner/concert. It has already been established it will be played again at Dis inferno for those who couldn't attend the September concert this year. Therefore, based on the rest of the tweet which focuses on Mana's history over the past 25 years as an artist and has a particularly heavy focus on MALICE MIZER, it may be safe to assume that song was the reference. However, since it wasn't explicitly stated in this tweet, it gave me the impression that perhaps theres even more to look forward to, but I'm not entirely sure...
Anyway, whether or not the reference is made to the same song or not, its an exciting prospect!!

Hopefully in the future I can make more general updates such as this about current on-goings, if this is something everyone likes?
Since its been a long time that I've talked about the direction of this blog, I'm curious to know what kind of content everyone enjoys reading about the most and whether updates such as this one are worth posting or not? I'm always happy to know your thoughts!!