Dis inferno XV Live Report
Shinjuku Reny, a beautiful venue that holds around 800 people, was the setting for tonight’s concert, Dis inferno XV, the final concert celebrating the Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary.

The concert started around 5:30 pm, but new goods went on sale from around 3:30. When new goods are released usually theres a bit of excitement about them, so some people arrive early, but this time I was shocked to see a huge line wrapped around the venue of people waiting to buy goods! Maybe it was just the line, but it felt like there were more people than normal at the concert today.

The venue looked really unique on the inside this time!

The stage looked pretty much the same it always does, with the big Moi dix Mois symbol in the background behind the drums and the two iron gates intertwined with roses on either side of the stage. One difference however, were two new flags with the Moi dix Mois symbol also on both sides of the stage. They were the same flags that were sold for the first time at the concert today! I also noticed this time around, the lighting on the stage was glowing purple on the entire set before it was time for the concert to start. Thats not something that usually happens so it was somewhat unique.

There was one other detail as well that was different from before!

The back and sides of the venue had “Moi dix Mois” scrolling across on huge signs!! I’ve never seen something like that before at a Moi dix Mois concert so I loved the effect!!

So finally it was time for the concert to start! Mana has been making a lot of hints on twitter about what to expect from this concert, so I wondered how it would work out. One thing I had a feeling may happen was that they would play songs that span through all the Moi dix Mois albums released over these past 15 years. It seems that assumption was correct.

Heres the set list from tonight:

1. SE The Pact of Silence
2. In paradise
3. The Seventh Veil
4. Shadows Temple
5. Beast Side
6. Twilight Flower
7. Perish
8. Silent omen
9. The SECT
10. Detresse
11. SE L’intelieur dix
12. Solitude
13. Forbidden
14. Mayonaka Ni Kawashita Yakusoku (Malice Mizer— same as the dinner concert in Sept.)
15. Immortal Madness
16. Dead Scape
17. Material Death
18. Ange~D Side Holy Wings~
19. Je l’aime
20. SE En Lumiere
1. deus ex machina — Mana drum session
2. Night Breed

Another thing I had a feeling about that seemed to come true is the costume choice. Mana’s outfit resembled the earlier days of Moi dix Mois, completely in all black with long ruffled sleeves. The other members dressed completely in black as well to achieve a uniform look.
(Once pictures come out, I will post them on here)

For some reason it felt like it took a little longer than usual for everyone to come out on stage once The Pact of Silence started to play, but eventually, in the usual order, Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth came out on stage with the crowd cheering getting louder and louder with each member.

Maybe this is a somewhat minor detail that I’m hashing out too much, but the usage of the venue during the concert was really great as well! In particular, I felt the lighting with the songs was different from normal. Its a little hard to explain, but I got the impression Shinjuku Reny must have more/better equipment than most venues I’m used to going to. At times the stage would go totally dark, but a few lights would shine similar to spotlights in particular areas around the stage. It seemed like a maze of lights, or something you might imagine seeing in a movie where someone is stuck in a dark atmosphere, like a cave, and they see glimmers of sun coming in from outside. I even noticed during Twilight Flower, the lights turned the entire background with the gates and roses green with hints of purple. There was such a strong correlation between the performance and lighting, I feel it would be a shame to not talk about! I can’t remember which song it was exactly, maybe somewhere around Perish or Silent Omen, but the lighting then became extremely concentrated into small beams shooting into the audience like lazers as well, and they decided to bathe the entire stage in red during Beast Side. Like I say, it may not be too important, but sometimes small things like this can make a huge impact and create a sensation that brings you closer to the full intention of how songs and messages are meant to come across.

As for the performance of the Moi dix Mois members, I didn’t particularly feel any big differences from typical Moi dix Mois concerts. There was a short MC where Seth announced that both Sugiya and Hayato celebrated birthdays back in November, so Mana had two bottles of Jack Daniels for the two of them to drink on stage. They were both forced to stand in the center, then suddenly they linked arms and poured Jack Daniels down each other’s mouth. I think everyone thought they would only take a small sip each, but I don’t think they knew how stop once their arms were linked, so Hayato really seemed to be chugging it down. I think Hayato was a little more gentle with Sugiya and Sugiya was with Hayato. Poor guy! In the past when Mana brought out Jack Daniels and drank it on stage for Dis inferno, it was revealed that Oolong tea was in the bottle, but this time around I’m not entirely sure if that was the case or not. Sugiya’s expression seemed a little disturbed after drinking, so I wanted to know so bad if this time it was real or not! (I hope not for their sakes). Everyone was laughing though and even Mana seemed to be trying hard to hold back a smile.

Of course during the main MC, there was a letter from Mana that Seth read aloud. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t particularly as fun as it has been in the past. I noticed they never asked if everyone was having fun, and instead went right down to business. Basically it was some pretty general information about this being the end of the Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary and Mana’s 25 year anniversary as an artist. Then they discussed the 2018 schedule for Moi dix Mois. In this case, they announced the next 4 concerts, so I think it would be easier to just list the information on here:

March 17 & 18 — Mana’s birthday concert at Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure, both days.
June — Dinner concert, similar to this year in September.
September 8 — Malice Mizer reunion live: Deep Sanctuary at Toyosu Pit
New information has now come up about Deep Sanctuary. You can see the full details on the flyer below:

More information such as dates and venues will be posted later on Mana’s twitter.
Concerning the dinner concert, Mana made a note that this past year there was sort of an ocean blue type theme with the food, but next year it will be something different to look forward to! There was also quite a bit of excitement emphasizing Deep Sanctuary.
I think Mana has been going through a lot of thoughts and memories regarding Malice Mizer and the past this year, so I wonder if that means he has any special ideas in store for that concert? Only time will tell…

Speaking of Malice Mizer, I imagine it probably stands out to a lot of you that Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yasuyoku is in the set list. For those who read the report on the September concert where this song was originally played, it may not be too big of a surprise to see this title resurface. Mana had talked quite a bit on Twitter about how he wanted to bring t his song back again for a wider audience. However, it was a little unusual that it was just stuck in the middle of a Moi dix Mois set list. There was no big introduction or lead up to the song, it was just played.

With that being said, I did sense a different kind of feeling hearing the song in such an abnormal setting. To me it felt like a bridge between the worlds of Moi dix Mois and Malice Mizer in a more natural way. Up until now, any time a Malice Mizer song was played during a Moi dix Mois concert, there has always been a sort of grand unveiling of the song. The atmosphere becomes tense in the audience, and rather than simply enjoying the song, everyone seems keen on trying to hang on to every last note. This time, however, I didn’t really notice that. Instead, everyone enjoyed the song for what it was, and it truly felt like the song fit in with the rest of the performance. Essentially, if you hadn’t known it was a special song, you would have probably thought it was part of a usual Moi dix Mois set list. While I value the times when Malice Mizer songs are treated with the weight that they hold, I’ve always dreamed of hearing Malice Mizer songs in a more laid back setting. Thats what I would imagine it would have felt like if you regularly attended Malice Mizer concerts when they were active, so thats a feeling I never thought I would be able to truly experience in my life. This was a very small taste of what I have always wished for.

Continuing on with the concert, Immortal Madness is a song that always always contains a new “keyword” for the night. Instead of yelling “dix sight” from the original lyrics, everyone is always asked to yell something unique to each concert depending on the theme. This time Seth first asked everyone to yell 好き好き好き好き好き好き好き好き好き好き (pronounced “suki”, meaning “like”). Basically the intention was to say “I like like like like like like like like like like [Moi dix Mois]” ten times. Then we were asked to rotate that out with “Moi dix Moisが大好きdix!” (Moi dix Mois ga daishiki dix! - I love Moi dix Mois), so there was a continuation of these two phrases back to back.

From there, the rest of the concert resumed to normal, until everyone walked off stage after Je l’aime (and the SE).

However, since this is Dis inferno, of course Mana still had to play drums!!

Thats when the session and encore began. Mana walked back out on stage after some time wearing a Matin Mana t-shirt with spikes around his arms, a long black half skirt and boots, and a Hiroshima Carps baseball jersey (number 25, representing his 25 years as an artist). He also had a pair of Hiroshima Carps noise maker bats that he threw into the audience as he walked out. He then immediately went to the drums and soon took off the Carps jersay as the other members walked out wearing navy blue and silver Moi dix Mois 15 year anniversary T-shirts.

Funny enough, it seemed like Mana was really rushing to prepare himself before the song started to play. Seth came out and talked a little to the audience, but I noticed the entire time Mana was making some pretty aggressive gestures to try to communicate with the technical crew back stage. It seemed a little problematic because it was going on for a while; I wondered if they could really understand all that insane arm waving.(*´꒳`*)

The session song was deus ex machina. Sadly this was exactly the same as last year, and the performance itself felt nearly the same as well (Mana was even wearing the same Matin shirt as last year!). Its not a bad thing, but in the past Moi dix Mois always used to play cover songs of famous bands such as Slayer and Motley Crue. Over the past few years however, its been nothing but Moi dix Mois music…

Anyway, Hayato and Sugiya played guitar, Ryux was on Bass, and Seth sang vocals as always.

I remember last year Seth made everyone shout out “1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4…” which in some way worked well with the song, but I had a feeling we were really counting for Mana to hold the beat on the drums. This year the same thing happened, but unfortunately it wasn’t as much as last year.

Hayato got especially invested in this portion of the concert and jumped down into the area between the stage and audience. He started giving everyone high fives and touching hands across the entire first row, but once he got to the end of the line, he seemingly didn’t know how to get back up on stage. He kept searching for ways to go back but couldn’t do it, so eventually he ran and tried jumping back up.

After Deus ex Machina, Night Breed played and all the members went back to their original instruments. This year Mana brought his white BC Rich Warlock guitar that originally debuted in Moi dix Mois at Dis inferno in 2014.

Balloons started floating into the audience as well, so as they came out everyone got a chance to hit them back into the air.

In fact, I brought two home for myself!

One of my friends also gave me a Mana pick he caught! Thank you!!!

I don’t even know what to do with these balloons…

Mana, as always, was super aggressive with the balloons. He would hit them with his guitar, kick them, and sometimes throw them as hard as possible. Fortunately for me I was in the second row between two girls standing in the front on Mana’s side. One time when Mana threw a balloon especially hard, it hit the two girls in front of me right in the face and it kinda looked like it hurt. I’m sure there will be an apology tweet coming soon, just like every year.

At the end of the song, Seth wanted all the members to get together and for some reason they all started sitting at the bottom of the drum stand and Seth was the only one standing up still trying to get them together.

As they finally stood up in a line, Seth also asked everyone in the audience to hold hands and on the count of 3 everyone together would make a single leap for the end of the year. I was really shocked that one of the girls standing next to me suddenly grabbed my hand!
Maybe it sounds stupid, but it made me really happy. Usually it seems like most people will hold hands with their friends and maybe if they make a positive acquaintance with the people around them they will, but nobody has ever done that with me before. At the end, we smiled and laughed together. I honestly really love it when I can connect with other fans I’ve never met before, even in a small way! Japanese fans are shy, and I’m shy too, so it truly felt like a very rare, special moment. Maybe you don’t know/read my blog, but thank you!!! I was so happy!!💙

At the end of the jump, suddenly the song Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 played to bring in the end of the year. Usually each band member walks off stage one by one, but this time, they each jumped down into that small space Hayato did earlier and decided to run their hands along everyone’s hands in the front. Some how, they found their back up to the stage at the end of the line and then walked off to the back, but Mana was the last to do this, and rather than touch hands with everyone, he started taking balloons that got stuck on the ground and threw them all into the audience, hitting people along the way in some cases. Strangely, however, the concert ended with a bizarre twist…

As Mana had been throwing balloons into the audience, he did so pretty slowly, taking the extra time to enjoy the last moments of the concert with everyone. As he walked down the end of the line, from my point of view it became harder and harder to see him. However, whats so strange about that is, it looked like at some point he had bent down to pick up a balloon and I never saw him stand back up again.

In fact, it seems almost nobody saw where he went…

The concert ended in……………? Where is Mana…?

Even as the ending song played on well past the point when all the members would usually be gone, nobody seemed to understand if Mana had some how walked out somewhere or what happened exactly. Even as the venue went quiet and we waited for the lights to come on to signal we can leave, everyone was still looking around for Mana!

This was probably one of the most confusing exists I’ve ever seen at a concert before. Where did he go!??????

So I guess you could say, the concert tonight was…