Updates! + Hatsune Miku x Moi-meme-Moitie Exhibition
Happy New Year!!

Its been a little over a month since my last update on here, but fortunately I come bearing a number of updates that may be long due.

First on the list is something I think will be the most important update to a large number of readers here.
Moi dix Mois concert tickets


This is a new group I made on Facebook to make the process of buying and selling tickets for Moi dix Mois concerts a little bit easier. Of course I hope this group can be utilized by both people inside and outside Japan, but my biggest objective here is to find a way to help out fans overseas who can't easily obtain tickets. For several years now, the largest majority of emails I receive come from people who are looking to buy tickets but don't understand how the system works. I really hope this group can provide a solution to that constant issue, especially as we look towards big events such as Deep Sanctuary later this year.

If you're looking to buy tickets for any upcoming Moi dix Mois concerts, please check out the link above and join the group for updates!

Second of all, I went to the Shibuya Marui shopping mall today to see a new collaboration between Hatsune Miku and Moi-meme-Moitie.

Click the thumbnails to view larger images

For those who may not know about this, let me catch you up to speed.
In December Mana and Moi-meme-Moitie announced a new collaboration between Kamijo, Hatsune Miku, and Moi-meme-Moitie.
Fundamentally this collaboration truly belongs to Kamijo and Hatsune Miku, but according to Mana's twitter, back in October of last year, Kamijo held a meeting with Mana to discuss this idea of Moitie contributing a design for Miku's dress. However, it should be noted, the design was illustrated by an outside source known as PEACH-PIT. Moi-meme-Moitie was essentially the producers of the physical dress.
....is that confusing enough for you?😂

For right now until the end of the month the dress is on display in Shibuya Marui, a big shopping mall in the center of Shibuya.

To be honest I saw this window display several days ago before the exhibition even opened and took pictures at that time. If I hadn't seen two jr. high school girls stopping and saying "how cute!!" they thought the characters were I probably would have never noticed. I guess thats strange to say, considering how huge this window display is in the middle of the city, but I don't tend to pay a lot of attention to my surroundings... Anyway, if you're in Shibuya, the display is so big you can't miss it!

Yesterday the exhibition opened for the first time to the public, so I went today because I got an unexpected day off from work.

The first things I noticed were a sign in front of the entrance and the elevator doors going up to the exhibition space

The dress is on display at the very front of the shop, which has a fairly small set up. Its what is considered a "pop-up shop," meaning a small temporary store that gets changed out regularly. Aside from the Moitie dress, there are tons of Hatsune Miku merchandise for sale and a TV playing a video of the characters which included a song Kamijo made for this collaboration.

Heres a couple extra shots so you can see the details of the dress.

This dress will go on reserve starting in February and the entire set together (the dress + headdress) will cost 71,280 yen.

Naturally I have my own thoughts and opinions on this dress and the event itself, but rather than speaking on my impressions, this time I leave it for you to judge for yourself. Do you like this kind of collaboration and the direction Moi-meme-Moitie is headed in? I'm curious to know what the general reception of this new approach is.

Speaking of which, I should probably mention that up until now I haven't posted so much about the latest on-goings of Moi-meme-Moitie on this blog or my site. I feel like Moitie's new direction has now opened up a door for them to communicate more directly with customers as they currently provide services and updates in English. Because of that, I see little reason to update about them anymore on here. Of course if there is vitally important information or events that I can report on that contain some level of value, I will post about it, but aside from that I decided there is little use for me anymore in those regards. For full details on Moi-meme-Moitie's updates and information, please check out their official social media accounts and website.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to update about.
This has pretty much nothing to do with Mana, which is why I saved it for the end.


A few days ago I bought my first synthesizer!!
Words cannot explain how much I'm in love with it! I'm also a person who can pick up tunes very quickly by ear, so I've already taught myself how to play a number of songs.
But why do I need a synthesizer? Actually, I started creating a project of my own and this will come in handy. Is it music? or maybe something else?
Its something I want to talk about sooooo badly on here because its been years since I felt this excited and motivated about anything! But actually due to the nature of what I'm doing its a little hard to simply come right out and say what it is.
But what if I start leaving hints? Maybe those who are interested will eventually catch on...

All I can say is, keep your eyes alert!! (>人<)