Introducing... (+extra Mana related news)

My new project!!

Back in January I teased about something new I was working on, but I said it was hard to talk about.
I also stated I would try making clues, or hints, towards it and perhaps some of you would catch on.
In fact I have been doing just that!

However, I've been thinking a lot lately and I decided I really want to take it to the next step, so I figured this would be the best way to unveil it.

In the picture above theres a link to the Twitter account associated with it,

Theres also a Youtube channel, where a majority of it is focused right now:
Croix on Youtube

The first video titled 再起動 was posted in January, but by now there are already several others have already been uploaded.

The most popular so far has been "Sell Your Soul"

The newest one, "Magnum Opus" was posted just the other day, so please check out the channel to see everything.

So what is Croix exactly?
I won't give everything away, but its a different world that involves a certain entity and a secret organization. I hope over time everyone will come to understand it!

Some of you may also have noticed back in January when I talked about the new synth I bought, and on twitter I've been talking a lot more about playing guitar lately. In fact, all my weekends and free time for the past couple of months has been totally consumed by this.

It has been (and still is) a lot of hard work, but everything has been leading up to this project, so every aspect is important to me. Its a lot of different things mixed in to one so its difficult to explain in detail, but if you keep an eye on it, sooner or later everything will come together.

By all means, please check it out!!

As promised, I also have a bit of Mana news worth posting on here too.

March Birthday Concerts
We are now only a couple weeks away from the concerts on March 17 & 18! Both days seem to be sold out, so for those of you who can't attend, please check out the live reports I will post on here afterwards!

Previously when I talked about the Rendezvous last month, I initially said I wouldn't be able to go. However, that situation has changed. I was given a free ticket by a friend and fellow fan, so please look forward to a Rendezvous report on here after all!

Sakura Con
It seems there is now a call for anyone to apply as a model for Moi-mm-Moitie at a fashion show that will be held at Sakura Con at the end of the month. Please check out Moi-meme-Moitie's facebook or Sakura Con for more info.

Deep Sanctuary
Preceding ticket orders for Deep Sanctuary ended today. If you ordered tickets through eplus in Japan, results should come out tomorrow afternoon. It looks like Tanaqro/Wunderwelt/Moi-mme-Moitie has decided to take over the reigns of Moi dix Mois concerts too now, so if you tried ordering tickets through them they should email you eventually about the procedures.

Good luck to anyone trying to go to these concerts/events! I know for a number of you it will be your first time seeing Moi dix Mois in Japan, so if anyone has any questions you are as always welcome to send me a message or email!