Deep Sanctuary Ticket Information & Mana in Finland Announcement

Recently I noticed the Moi dix Mois Concert & Event Ticket Exchange Community I created has been rife with activity based on Deep Sanctuary tickets.

While those who won their tickets already seem to be excited, theres still a large portion of people who weren't so lucky.

In fact, this is the first time tickets were made available to overseas fans, so with a lack of understanding how the process tends to work in Japan theres been a lot of confusion on all ends of the spectrum.

Personally I find it frustrating that not everybody who entered the lottery won when in fact the concert isn't even sold out right now. Furthermore the company who chose to run the ticket lottery for overseas fans isn't giving out solutions to the poor souls they denied tickets to when there are still tickets available!! If you're going to decide to open up tickets to everyone, at least give everyone an equal opportunity.

I already posted this on the community, but I wanted to include my detailed explanation and information on what to do next if you didn't get tickets on here too.

Currently eplus is running a second lottery system for “paper tickets”. This may sound confusing so let me explain:

* The previous eplus lottery that ran along side the Moi-meme-Moitie lottery was for preceding tickets available only through downloading a smart phone app called “Smart Ticket” which runs through the eplus system.
* This is where a major point of concern is coming from with the whole situation claiming you need to have the correct name on your ticket to enter the venue.
* This current lottery for “paper ticket” reservations means you’re entering the lottery to obtain a physical ticket rather than a digital ticket via the Smart Ticket app. However, you are still going to need to have your name printed on the eplus ticket regardless of it.

For people living outside of Japan with no access to a Japanese phone number or address, the eplus system is going to remain problematic for you. Eplus requires everyone to make an account on their website, limiting users to one registered phone number per account (you will need to confirm your eplus account via a text message code sent to your phone)
Therefore, I cannot recommend eplus as a viable option unless you have a friend in Japan who will attend the concert with you in case of name checks on the tickets. Its unlikely most people would be willing to change their names on their eplus account as this would be problematic if they wanted to buy tickets for other concerts on their own.



The Malice Mizer website lists two alternative shops that will be selling Deep Sanctuary tickets. These stores are Lawson and Ticket Pia. They will be your best chance at obtaining tickets. Unfortunately neither Lawson nor Ticket Pia are participating in lotteries like eplus, so this means Deep Sanctuary tickets will only be available through these shops once general admission goes on sale. That being said, Lawson and Ticket Pia will be much easier to obtain tickets with your name on them.

Lawson is a convenience store operating throughout Japan with its own in-store computer system for selling tickets. You simply need to input the “L Code” (posted on the Malice Mizer site) or search for the artist/concert name into their system to find the ticket. You will then be prompted to type in your name and a phone number into the system and the computer will then print out a receipt which you will be able to redeem at the cashier to pay for and receive your physical ticket.
Since there is no form of ID necessary other than inputting a name and phone number, you could easily get by with this system writing in your own name and using the number of perhaps a hotel you’re staying at or a friend’s Japanese phone number if you know someone. Basically any phone number starting with an area code like 03, 080, etc will suffice and will NOT affect entering the venue at Deep Sanctuary.

I went to Lawson tonight (March 10) and checked their computer system, but Deep Sanctuary is not available yet, so as I mentioned previously, these tickets will be available once general admission is released. This will probably be around March 22nd or so, after the current eplus lottery ends.

Heres an English guide on how the Lawson system works:

I’ve never used Ticket Pia before, but from my understanding it runs very similar to Lawson. You will need the same basic information as Lawson tickets but rather than going through a computer system like Lawson, Ticket Pia has physical shops located around Tokyo. Other convenience stores such as Family Mart may also sell tickets using the ticket Pia system, so all you need to do is tell the staff what concert you want to attend, the day of the concert, and the number of tickets you want. Alternatively you can give them the ticket Pia code provided on the Malice Mizer website and request the number of tickets you want.
*NOTE— I cross checked the ticket pia information with a friend who has used their system several times before and was told she never once had to give ticket pia any personal information such as a name or phone number. If Deep Sanctuary is insistent on name checks however, you may be asked to give your name in this case. Other information shouldn’t be necessary though.

Ticket Pia is also available at Narita Airport! As long as Deep Sanctuary tickets don’t sell out before the cut off date (usually about a day before the concert) you should have no problem getting tickets on your own through Ticket Pia.

The Tokyo Gig Guide website also does a wonderful job of explaining just how Ticket Pia and Lawson works along with addresses of locations to buy tickets through Ticket Pia.

If you are planning on coming to Japan and attempting to buy Deep Sanctuary tickets on your own in any of these ways, these are the codes you will need for the Lawson Loppi ticket Machine and for Ticket Pia. These codes will make finding the concert much easier and faster for everyone.

Lawson L Code: 0570-084-003
Ticket Pia Code: 0570-02-9999


For nearly a decade now I have had experience in helping fans overseas obtain Moi dix Mois tickets as well as other shopping service type situations, so if you can’t seem to find another solution, I would be happy to help. I accept paypal payments and will be charging a flat rate of 1,000 yen per person as a service fee along with the total ticket cost. If you plan on going this route, please be aware of the following:

* I cannot guarantee whether tickets will sell out before general admission or not and I can’t guarantee going to the convenience store at a certain date or time. I have to work, so I can only do things as time permits based on my schedule.
* Please be sure to give me your full name and double check the spelling so I can have the ticket issued under your name. If it is incorrect you run the risk of not being able to enter the venue if the staff decide to check.
* I cannot issue refunds if you decide you can’t go after the ticket has been purchased. However, if tickets sell out before I get a chance to buy yours, I will issue you a refund through paypal.
* All charges and ticket fees must be covered on your end. I will do my part by sending an invoice for the full amount as well as double checking and confirming your information.
* PayPal typically takes about 5-7 days to process payments to my bank account in Japan. I will only buy tickets once the full amount has safely processed into my account and I am able to withdraw it.
* I can hold tickets and distribute them on the day of the concert or I can mail tickets to you. Shipping fees will depend on your country and the type of shipment you select. For shipping rates and options, please check out the Japan Post website here:

* I am not responsible for any lost mail or packages once your ticket has been shipped. If you are worried about shipment and delivery then I suggest choosing either a registered mail option or EMS which comes with tracking codes.
* Finally, if you chose to receive your tickets from me on the day of the concert, please arrive early! I will contact you regarding what time I will be at the venue and where to meet. Since I am currently holding premium preceding order tickets I will be entering the venue at the earliest possible time, so if you arrive after the doors have opened I won’t be able to give you your tickets.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to help you out getting tickets. You can use the mail form on the lower right hand side of this blog or send me a DM through any of my social media accounts and I will be sure to see it.

Lastly, as mentioned in the title of this entry, there was an announcement made the other day on Mana's twitter that Mana will be going with Moi-meme-Moitie to an event in Helsinki, Finland called "Eternal Twilight". It will run from September 15-16, 2018.

You can check out more event details here:

Thank you so much to all of you who are now supporting my new Croix project!!!

Really. Every single last one of you who is either following the twitter or youtube account, or both!! It means so much to me that I wish I could physically go and hug you😂
I know its small now, but those of you who support me give me the inspiration to carry on and make this something great. Its something I want Moi dix Mois fans to appreciate and for many other people to come to understand. Actually, its a universe tied to many things, so there are no limits. I want to introduce you to the entity behind the mask and the world they live in so bad, but I also want you to figure out whats going on here!
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