So here we are another day...

I decided my entry today would be titled "Mana-Sama Shoukai" which means "Mana-Sama Introduction". The reason is, I thought it might be fun to introduce some random things you may or may not know about Mana.

Sometimes when I get bored I flip through old Madoushos and see if theres anything that captures my interest.
This time I came across a Madousho from some years ago where Mana wrote about one of his most favorite animes.

I had never heard of it before, so I became curious and started to research it.
The anime is titled 「妖怪人間ベム」(Youkai ningen bemu) but it seems the name was officially dubbed into English not long ago to "Humanoid Monster Bem".

Basically, the anime first aired in 1968 with only 26 episodes and was remade in 2006. The story is interesting -- the three heros have a human form and a monster form in which they can change between and go around to various places protecting people from evil monsters.

The main catch phrase of the anime is 「早く人間になりたい」 which roughly translates to "I want to hurry up and become human" -- this is because the main characters hope that by their good behavior (protecting humans from monsters) perhaps one day they will become full human beings.

Anyway, when I become interested in something I have to research it until I can find my answers, so for the past couple of days I've been focusing a lot on this anime. I've been having a difficult time finding it to watch online, so I ventured out to Akihabara. I was hoping to find some of the merchandise Mana showed in the Madousho that he owned (A DVD box set, soundtrack, and various figurines), mostly a DVD of the series, but I had no luck.

I did however find some of the figures:

The two up front are Bemu (left) and Bera (right), two of the three main characters from the series in their monster form. I'm missing Bero, who is my favorite of the three, but it was hard enough to find these two. They also had Bemu in human form along with Bero in his human form, but I decided only on two. Oh, and don't mind the figures in the back, they're just other figurines I own not from the series.

If you're interested, here is the main theme to the series as well:

I'm not really a person who is all that interested in anime, but this series does seem pretty good -- at least what I've gathered from it.

The only problem is as I said before, its difficult to find.
Maybe I'll be able to find it at my local movie rental shop...

Anyway, its late here, so I will end the entry on that note.
I may post more entries pertaining to random interests of Mana's more in the future as well. I hope you'll look forward to it!!

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