Thank you to everyone who gave their input on the last entry.
I apologize this is coming along more slowly than anyone would like, but all in all, it seemed the majority of responses I got favored posting scans from Rock and Read 77 separate from the interview since the interview will take longer to translate. Therefore, I finally have all the scans ready to share!
Feel free to click on any of the pictures below for full size.

They're slightly out of order from the order they show up in the book, mainly for aesthetic reasons. Anyway, if you're curious about the true number order, the files have numbers on them like P1, P2, P3, etc. so it should be easy to understand.

Another thing about these scans. I think as small thumbnails like you see on here, they look pretty good, but if you look at the full size scans, they end up looking really grainy. I did everything I could to try to eliminate as much noise from the pictures as possible, but unfortunately in the end they didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked. The reason for this is, the paper used within Rock and Read is somewhat cheap and has a texture to it. The photography quality as a whole wasn't so great either, so I knew from the first moment I saw these pictures they would be a huge challenge to scan.

Hopefully you guys enjoy them anyway! This magazine is available for order online too, so it seems its still possible for you to get a copy even if you don't live in Japan! In fact, I really encourage you to do so in order to show your support for Rock and Read magazine! Heres a link:

Rock and Read Vol. 77 International Orders

Concerning the interview translations, as sort of a "sneak peak" on what to expect, I wanted to mention that the topic this time is about dispelling rumors, I think particularly from Malice Mizer era. Probably the biggest shocker that will be taken away from this magazine is that Mana and Gackt have been in contact again since 2011.

From the little bit I've skimmed through so far, I got the impression this interview was done more or less to celebrate the Malice Mizer 25 year anniversary.

Anyway, since my schedule is pretty busy lately, I'm not completely sure when I'll be able to post the translations, but I'll continue working on them and try to get them out as soon as possible!

I hope these scans will manage to hold down everyone's interest until then.