Surprise, surprise!
Tonight I went to a concert with a friend!
It always feels like it must be a once a year event that I go see another band besides Moi dix Mois, but tonight was Dalle.

I never listened or knew much of anything about them before, but my friend insisted I go, so off we went!

There are so many things worth writing about Dalle. However, its a little hard for me since I’m pretty unfamiliar with them. Regardless, I will say everything I can here! I guess this entry will be a sort of mini report.

The venue was Shibuya Vuenos, a really cool looking place that begins with the reception on the first floor and a concert hall in it’s basement level! However, going down to the basement level felt like a man all in itself. The first floor can act as a sort of balcony with a spiral staircase going all the way to the bottom, but there are various points where the floor levels off and so technically speaking you could probably watch the concert from various levels looking down into the crowd and stage.

Of course I’m not sure how much fun that would be, so naturally we went down to the bottom level so everything is easy to watch.

We walked in while the first band was playing, Sicx. Honestly speaking, I’m not always keen on opening acts, but I think perhaps this attitude comes from the fact that when I saw smaller VK bands in the past, there were sooo many amateur opening acts that tend to feel like a hit or a miss for me, and when its a miss, its a big miss. This time, however, I somewhat regret that I was a bit late arriving because Sicx was extremely talented!!

Their style was a perfect compliment to Dalle! You could hear a heavy punk inspiration in their otherwise edgy rock sound. The vocalist had a simplistic gothic style in terms of fashion while the other members seemed to have their own unique looks too, ranging from something a bit like a gothic bohemian style to full on punk looks. As strange as it may sound in writing, they all matched together surprisingly well! There were five members total, but I managed to get a picture with three of the guys!

Everything about their performance was energetic and well put together. At the end of the night they stood in the doorway of the concert venue handing out sample CDs and asking everyone to please remember them. Remember them!? Based on their performance I never would have suspected they still rely on something like handing out advertisement CDs at the door! I think to some extent the audience might have agreed with my sentiments because there were tons of people in the audience dancing and having a great time while listening to their music. They certainly have to be headed in a good direction, I think!

Now for Dalle…

After the Sicx concert ended, the curtain to the stage was closed and classical music started playing during the set up time.

Eventually Dalle appeared on stage.

Now as I said before, I don’t know so much about Dalle, so I can’t really give a description of the members or the set list, but I will at least try to speak on the overall performance.

Naturally I can identify Kozi, and from my understanding the vocalist is Ryo. I was on Kozi’s side of the stage so those two were the main members I could see during the show. However, I did notice the bassist’s style of playing was really unique! While playing, he held his bass so low down it looked like it was practically dragging at his feet. Maybe its silly to say, but in some way it seemed more like some kind of giant war hammer he was carrying rather than a bass guitar. But certainly that made him all the more interesting to watch.

Both Ryo’s voice and aesthetic were things I came to admire almost instantly. In fact, the first thing that struck me about him was his appearance. His fashion choice, hair, and overall appearance was really cool, but then when you look at Kozi who had a full face of make up on, you suddenly notice theres something drastically different about Ryo…he has no make up on at all!

Admittedly, I think this only came as a surprise to me because of the type of bands I’ve grown familiar with seeing almost my entire concert-going life. Its rare for me to see bands not fully dressed up in costumes and make up, but that doesn’t mean its not welcome. In fact, I somehow found it refreshing! Regardless, I wasn’t really there for looks, I was there for music and a great show!! Isn’t that essentially the chief purpose of attending concerts anyway?

Kozi looked like a seasoned professional on stage, absorbing himself into the music and being genuinely Kozi (how else can I put it?). I have seen him play in ZIZ during the past several Deep Sanctuary concerts I attended, so his performance style is not entirely a surprise. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed his energy during shows and how true to himself his performances feel. His role in Dalle was no exception.

Another thing I was surprised by was the DJ. Before going to the concert, I assumed the set up would be relatively typical for a rock band— maybe two guitarists, a bassist, drummer, and vocalist. Therefore I didn’t expect to see such a member. In fact, I was petty surprised to see Kozi was the sole guitarist of the group. Considering the fact that I strictly only go to Moi dix Mois concerts I think my mentality has become somewhat static over time. However, this concert challenged my expectations, which made me think a lot more how an artist may try to convey their image.

This is something I can’t help but praise Dalle for. The way they conducted their concert was similar to something I’ve found myself dreaming of doing more and more over the past several months now. The music was high energy and intense. Every song contained a blend of sounds and elements that set them apart from the rest, yet at the same time, there was still some kind of overarching feel that tied everything together.

Also, several video clips projected onto a big white curtain at the back of the stage. The clips contained a variety of scenes such as a church in black and white with glitch-like graphics overlaying it, or distorted images of statues. The use of audio and visual together was really engaging and kept me wanting more. In fact,

It astonishes me that up until now I knew virtually nothing about this band, but after seeing them live for first the first time I’m already inspired to want to work harder on understanding more about music and performance myself.

Thank you so much to Ascheard for convincing me to go tonight and to Sicx and Dalle for such an unforgettable night!!
I hope to go see them again some time in the future, they are absolutely worth it!!