Hello everyone!!
I know I haven't made a post here in so long, but I thought this might be the best place for me to share details on some Moi dix Mois and MALICE MIZER items I'm selling. I am planning on adding a lot more to what you see here, so if there is anything you don't see on the list but are interested in buying, please let me know because I may have it! Details will follow the listing below.

If you are interested in any of these products, please feel free contact me via any social media where this post is being shared by me or by email:
mephistoangelo (at) gmail . com
(remove spaces and include @ sign)

Prices do not include shipping fees. Shipping is worldwide so I will include shipping options at the bottom of the page. Payments are accepted via PayPal. All sales are final.

*Click the thumbnail images for full size pictures to see any details

2016 Deep Sanctuary V T-shirt (Large)
2,500 yen
deepsanctuaryshirt.jpg deepsanctuarydetail.jpg

Dark Frame (Large)
2,500 yen
darkframe.jpg shirtback.jpg

Navy x Silver 15 year anniversary T-shirt (Large)
2,500 yen
navyshirtfront.jpg Navyback.jpg
Extra Information: This shirt is still in brand new condition. Although it looks almost black in these pictures its actually a very dark navy.

White x Silver 15 year anniversary T-shirt long version (Medium)
2,500 yen
whiteshirt1.jpg whiteshirtdetail.jpg
Extra Information: After cleaning this shirt, I found some small black pieces of fuzz stuck to the shirt. It was rarely worn, so I'm guessing it came from sitting in my closet for a long time. I've been trying to remove as much as I can, but please be aware of this before buying!

Black x Red Parka/Hoodie (Large)
3,500 yen
hoodieBR1.jpg HoodieBRopen.jpg
hoodiebackdetailRB.jpg hoodieBRback1.jpg
Extra information: This hoodie was sold for winter wear so it has a warm lining on the inside. It was worn several times in the past, but is still in great condition!

Black x Silver Parka/Hoodie (Large)
3,500 yen
blacksilverhoodie.jpg hoodieBSback.jpg
Extra information: Unlike the black x red hoodie above, this one was meant for fall, so its made out of relatively thin material. Sometimes the zipper gets stuck, but this is a fault in the manufacturing of the product-- it has always been that way since I received it. By moving the zipper around a bit, it will correct itself, but please be aware that this item has a tendency to have some minor issues.

Le Kitchen Knife Aristocrat Apron (Free size)
2,000 yen
apronfront.jpg aprondetail.jpg
Extra info: Brand new, never been used.


Deep Sanctuary limited edition Goodie Bag
6,000 yen
goodiebag.jpg goodiebagall.jpg
Extra Information: The gift bag itself has been damaged (wrinkled), but all items inside are in perfect condition and have never been opened (only the box for the wineglass was opened for inspection and pictures). Its the buyer's choice if they would like to keep the bag with the products or not, but its otherwise in brand new condition. This item was limited to only a specific number of guests who could obtain premium tickets to the 2018 Malice Mizer reunion concert Deep Sanctuary.

Moi dix Mois wrist bands
700 yen each


Shipping prices will depend on your country. The most popular options include EMS, Airmail, and Registered airmail.
EMS is the most expensive option but is the fastest and most secure route to go. It includes a tracking number that I can send upon shipment.

Registered Airmail is a cheaper option than EMS and includes a tracking number upon shipment. It will take slightly longer than EMS but is a good option for those who don't want to spend a lot on shipping.

Airmail is the cheapest route but does not include a tracking number. It takes about the same amount of time as registered airmail.

Further information on shipping from Japan can be found on the Japan post website here:

Registered mail

Prices are calculated by country and weight, so please contact me for shipment details!

*If you live in a country that charges customs fees, yes I CAN write a lower value of the products and mark it as a gift! Please let me know before shipment.

Again, you may see more products appear in posts later on here as well, but if you have any special requests on any Mana related goods that aren't posted in this entry, feel free to contact me anyway! I may have what you're looking for and willing to sell it (especially clothing)! There are a few exceptionally rare items that are currently off limits, but that list is pretty minimal. This offer can be extended to Moi-meme-Moitie items as well.

As a rule, I'm selling shirts for 2,500 yen and hoodies/parkas for 3,500. All other items depend on condition and rarity, so I will offer what is reasonable for the product. I have tons of magazines as well that will tend to go for around 500-1,000 yen depending on condition and rarity.

Thank you for checking out this post and I look forward to helping anyone trying to add to their Mana collections! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!