105 Degrees
Only 3 weeks left until I return home to Tokyo!
This summer has been extremely hot. In fact, the other day the heat rose to 105 degrees (over 40 C)!!

But I have been trying to keep cool with my new little friend...


Do you remember the Monologue Garden post Mana made about being refreshed with the Salt and Lime drink?

During the spring this drink popped up all over the convenience stores in Tokyo and for a while I had a lot of problems with sleep so I decided to cut back on caffeine. The problem is, almost all the drinks in Tokyo are loaded with caffeine everywhere!
Well, after I had read this entry of Mana's I decided to give this one a shot, since after all it was a juice with no caffeine in it.
Long story short, I fell in love with this drink and was saddened when I realized I'd have to do without it during the summer when I visited America.

However, recently I ran into a surprise!
I went into a Japanese shop and there it was!! My beloved Salt and Lime drink! I was so excited I bought multiple bottles and now I try to drink it slowly so I don't run out quickly. Unfortunately it can't be found everywhere in America, so I have to make do with what I have here... But when I return to Tokyo I will probably be buying this drink every day.

But honestly this drink really is as refreshing as Mana says, so I recommend others try it as well.

Also, Snoopy was a birthday gift I received recently from a long time friend of mine.
Truthfully my birthday isn't until next week (August 10), so this was an early birthday gift.
Now I'm excited to see what will happen on the day of my birthday!

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