Thank you to everyone who gave their input on the last entry.
I apologize this is coming along more slowly than anyone would like, but all in all, it seemed the majority of responses I got favored posting scans from Rock and Read 77 separate from the interview since the interview will take longer to translate. Therefore, I finally have all the scans ready to share!
Feel free to click on any of the pictures below for full size.

They're slightly out of order from the order they show up in the book, mainly for aesthetic reasons. Anyway, if you're curious about the true number order, the files have numbers on them like P1, P2, P3, etc. so it should be easy to understand.

Another thing about these scans. I think as small thumbnails like you see on here, they look pretty good, but if you look at the full size scans, they end up looking really grainy. I did everything I could to try to eliminate as much noise from the pictures as possible, but unfortunately in the end they didn't turn out quite as well as I would have liked. The reason for this is, the paper used within Rock and Read is somewhat cheap and has a texture to it. The photography quality as a whole wasn't so great either, so I knew from the first moment I saw these pictures they would be a huge challenge to scan.

Hopefully you guys enjoy them anyway! This magazine is available for order online too, so it seems its still possible for you to get a copy even if you don't live in Japan! In fact, I really encourage you to do so in order to show your support for Rock and Read magazine! Heres a link:

Rock and Read Vol. 77 International Orders

Concerning the interview translations, as sort of a "sneak peak" on what to expect, I wanted to mention that the topic this time is about dispelling rumors, I think particularly from Malice Mizer era. Probably the biggest shocker that will be taken away from this magazine is that Mana and Gackt have been in contact again since 2011.

From the little bit I've skimmed through so far, I got the impression this interview was done more or less to celebrate the Malice Mizer 25 year anniversary.

Anyway, since my schedule is pretty busy lately, I'm not completely sure when I'll be able to post the translations, but I'll continue working on them and try to get them out as soon as possible!

I hope these scans will manage to hold down everyone's interest until then.

For the past two days, I have watched several of you patiently awaiting my update on here.

Yes, I did receive the new Rock and Read vol.77 magazine.


I know you're eagerly awaiting to see what all is included; the pictures and translations of the interview.

I wanted to make this update to confirm I will translate and post scans as I always have in the past.
However, the reason why I haven't yet, and still dont have scans up on this update is for a few reasons:

First, I ordered the magazine online and didn't realize once it was shipped to me I would have to sign off on the package. I had an extremely busy work day yesterday, so by the time I got home last night I noticed the post office sent me a slip to have it redelivered.

This morning it finally arrived but I didn't even get enough time to really look through or read much of anything because once again today was another intense work schedule.

Finally now that I'm home and can look through it, I realized the interview goes on for a lengthy 12 pages! Due to the length, its not realistic for me to say the translations will be up immediately, but I'm going to do the best I can to translate and post everything as soon as possible.

Therefore, I guess how I approach this depends on those of you who are interested in it:
How would you like me to do it? Would you like me to post the interview piece by piece based on sections as I finish them? That would mean posting 2 pages at a time as I finish them.
Or would you prefer if I waited and finished the entire 12 page interview all at once?
Same goes for the scans-- if I post them, do you want them all at once? Before posting the interview? During the sections as I finish them (meaning corresponding the pages of the interview that go along with the pictures in order)? or once everything is finished and have it all posted in bulk?

I'm not quite sure which would be the best way to go. One way would mean quicker updates, but also lacking seamless continuation, while the other would mean having to wait a longer time, but having everything all at once.

Anyway, I apologize for the delay to those of you who still depend on me. I wish there was some way for me to better balance my work-life schedule but its been so hectic lately I hardly have a moment to breathe!

In the mean time, theres one little thing I wanted to share of my own!
If you're only looking for Mana news and information, this part of the entry is going to be pretty irrelevant, but its something I've been working hard on with a friend and am excited about!!

This is sort of a teaser trailer for a collaboration between the Croix project and a friend, Virtual chambeR!
As a sort of easter egg, watch all the way to the end and check out the link to the "Alpha" video from VR's side!
Its something that will connect these two worlds which really excites me because it was an unexpectedly great surprise!!

Anyway, please look forward to more on both topics of this entry!

Bonus Update! New Jeune fille guitar picks + video

I wasn't expecting to make another update so soon after two big concert reports, but actually today I decided to go out to the ESP craft house. Since new Jeune Fille guitar picks matching the Jeune Fille X Ferrum Crossray Illusion were introduced at the two Mana birthday concerts this weekend, I ended up wanting a few for myself. I took some pictures of them when I got home so you can see the details and colors!

Click on each picture to enlarge it if you would like to see them in a bit closer detail.

I bought 6 in total because I thought that was all they had left, and then I realized there was another place in the shop that had a bunch more. I was going to buy 10 so I could use a few and save a few, but this is probably more than enough.(≧∇≦)

I also made a really short video showing off one of the picks and using it to play the intro of Unmoved on my Jeune Fille!
Its a very simple video, but I wanted to do it for fun for everyone who reads this blog and on a couple social media accounts.

Of course I'm still in the beginning phases of learning guitar, but I use Unmoved to warm up every day because I love playing it. Also, since its Mana's birthday I thought it would be a fun treat to finally make good on many people's requests to see me learn Moi dix Mois songs!

As I learn more over time, maybe I can post longer and better videos in the future. Anyway, please enjoy my embarrassing beginner playing!(/ω\*)

Mana's Birthday Concert 2018 Day 2
Continuing from yesterday, day 2 of the succession of Mana birthday concerts has also come to an end now!

Fortunately today’s concert really redeemed itself from yesterday!!

In yesterday’s entry I talked about how there were many technical issues that plagued the concert, and honestly speaking, it also felt like the members suffered a bit from that standpoint. There were still a few obvious issues this time around as well, but it was nothing compared to yesterday. Basically a couple wrong tracks played for a few seconds and all sound except the drums went out again, but it was fixed quickly!

Everyone was dressed totally different on stage this time as well. No new costumes or anything, but Seth, Hayato, Sugiya, and Ryux all wore black and red and Mana was in white and blue.

The concert started out with a very different set list from yesterday, but sadly I don’t remember it. Once I have information of today and yesterday’s set lists I will post them here!

By the way, theres something I wanted to clarify that I will be editing on yesterday’s entry. It turns out the song I thought was called “Onto the hill” is actually called “In That hill”. Theres a picture of the set list posted behind Mana in a picture he shared on twitter, so you can see what the first few songs were from the 17th.

Aside from the set list being different, I also noticed there was a bit of variation in yet another rare song that was played tonight. This time it was Priere. It sounded like the middle of the song was changed up with a new twin guitar arrangement. I’m not quite sure if this is really the first time this song has had that part included or not because I don’t remember the last time I actually heard it played live. Maybe its because its been a while, but I thought it was worth noting because it really stood out to me.

Everyone seemed really energetic and happy today, so I felt like aside from all the MC bits and playing around that happens a lot at Moi dix Mois concerts, this one topped the cake in terms of musical performance (no pun intended...or was it?)

Another thing I felt was a little bit different from usual was that it seemed to me like the MC started sooner than I’m used to. It felt like the first portion of the concert was relatively short while the second portion before the encore seemed longer than normal. Am I dreaming that up, or did anybody else feel that way too?

That being said, the MC started with Mana leaving the stage and Seth telling the audience to scream “Je t’aime Mana-Sama” over and over again until Mana showed up on stage. With a loud enough scream, Mana finally appeared with his stuffed bear bag filled with candy and started throwing it out to the audience. As he jumped off the stage and into the center isle of the venue (we were at the same place as yesterday, which has theater style seating), just like yesterday he threw tons of candy into the audience. This time I caught a piece!!

Curiously, after the concert was over, I came to realize the candy I caught looked different from everyone else’s. Also, there was another person with a piece of candy that had Mana’s signature on it too, but the signature on theirs had the kanji 魔 (ma, meaning evil— a somewhat rare form of how Mana sometimes writes his name). It seems in the midst of it all, there must be more common and rarer pieces of candies distributed during this time. Is that really an important detail? I doubt it, but its interesting all the same.

Exiting from the entrance of the venue, Mana then made his way up to the second floor and threw candy at everyone there too. He had to squeeze past all the people in the front row of the second floor, but as he did, he started throwing candy down the balcony to people on the first floor too.

After leaving the second floor, there was a long period of time where Mana became completely missing in action. At this point, Hayato started playing a beat and Seth made everyone start yelling “hey!” along to the beat because it seemed like he had no idea what else to do. Once Mana disappeared, it seemed to take an extremely long time for him to return back to the stage and Seth kept looking around in a panic like he wasn’t sure what to do at that point. I noticed Hayato also started looking a bit worried and kept peering back at the stage entrance. Of course Mana eventually returned, but looking at all the the band members’ concerned faces up until that point I wondered if something might have happened. Did Mana fall down the stairs at some point? or was he just slow this time? The world may never know...

However, with Mana’s return, the celebration continued. He took a few last moments to throw more candy into the audience, and then all the other members started playing the happy birthday song while the audience sang along and swayed as Mana danced and flung his bear bag around. At the end of the song, he threw the bear bag at Seth and made Seth hold it while reading a note from Mana to the audience. Some how, the inside material of the bear backpack went completely inside out, so when Seth caught the bear he said “What happened to his insides!?” Everyone started laughing.

Before I go in to the MC information, I should also mention that during the time when Mana was making his way up to the second floor of the venue, Ryux and Sugiya started playing a small guitar and bass session together. Everyone was totally impressed!! Ryux guitar playing came as a total surprise to everyone, and while the session wasn’t something you may typically hear at a Moi dix Mois concert, it really showed off his abilities as a guitarist. Of course Sugiya was wonderful as always, but this session seemed more or less like a chance for Ryux to show off a bit. Once they finished, everyone started cheering for the two of them. It was certainly well deserved!

Anyway, continuing on to the MC, the letter from Mana asked if everyone was having fun. This initiated Seth and Mana trying to get everyone to scream as loud as they could again, and Mana kept acting like the cheers weren’t good enough until he was finally satisfied with them.

The June 23rd lunch/dinner concert was announced again just as it was yesterday. For those who missed it, heres the concert details we know so far:

La 包丁貴族 (La kitchen knife aristocrat)
June 23, 2018 (Saturday)

*The concert will have 2 parts to it. Part 1 will include lunch and part 2 will include dinner. More information on tickets will come later.

Seth then talked a bit about Deep Sanctuary in September. There were no real details that were talked about, but at this point, Mana took out a blue whip he had stashed away behind the stage, and started flicking it around on stage. Seth had to keep teasing a certain line by Mana that stated, “Will I play guitar, or won’t I!?”
Its a strange thing to keep repeating, but this phrase is based on a post Mana made on twitter some weeks ago regarding Deep Sanctuary. I don’t quite understand what exactly is meant behind “will I play guitar, or won’t I?” but Seth kept having to repeat it while Mana continued to flick the whip he had in his hands.

After saying it several times, Mana then went behind Seth and flicked the whip on his back twice, making Seth run away from him. After flinging a stuffed bear at Seth and then whiping him on stage, Seth yelled out “You are so violent!!” to Mana.

Eventually it was time to bring out a birthday cake for Mana. As it was announced, Sugiya ran to the back and rolled out a cart carrying a white cake with blue icing and roses among other things topping it. At this point in time, we were all asked to take blue glow sticks we were given by the staff at the beginning of the concert and once the candles were lit and the lights turned off for Mana to blow out the candles, we were to ignite our glow sticks and wave them around.

As the candles were being lit, one of them seemed to be a sparkler (like a firework), so as Mana blew out the candles that seemed to be the one that gave him the most trouble. However, once he did it, he put his finger in the icing and made Sugiya eat it before it was carted off again. Ryux kept running around taking pictures of the whole event too, and fortunately for us a picture was shared on twitter!

I wish there could have been a picture of Mana with the cake and all the glow sticks in the background, because this was something totally different from anything we’ve done before. It was actually pretty refreshing too, because even though we all expect to use the glow sticks for the last song (usually Pageant, and with the addition of second day concerts, Je l’aime) it becomes something predictable over time. This was a nice way to include the glow sticks for something new and unique!

As the concert continued on, IMMORTAL MADNESS was played. Last year at Mana’s birthday, everyone was asked to shout out “Sexy pretty angel Mana-Sama” during IMMORTAL MADNESS, and that seems to be becoming a tradition now. This year, once again we were asked to do the same thing, but going a bit further on that, Seth explained that there are certain movements that go along with each word. Last year it was something Mana made up on his own, but this time they wanted everyone to learn those same movements. Its pretty hard to explain, but basically if everyone is to shout out such a long phrase in the time period given within the song that is usually reserved for words like “dix Love,” or in the original lyrics, “dix sight,” you can only imagine what kind of disaster this ends up as. It all has to be said and done so quickly, that the movements end up becoming somewhat obsolete. It more or less ends up looking like the chicken dance people used to do at weddings years ago! (Does anyone know what I mean? 😂)

Afterwards, a lot of the newer songs were played in the second half of the concert, including Twilight Flower, On That hill, Beast Side, etc. Ange was the last song before the encore.

As the members left the stage, there were a few minutes of intermission before everyone quickly ran back on stage. Yesterday Seth, Ryux, Sugiya, and Hayato were all wearing new red and black shirts that were sold at these two concerts for the first time. However, this time Seth wore the blue version of the same shirt, while the others wore the same red and black as yesterday. Mana came out wearing a blue and white marble Moi-meme-Moitie blouse and black Moitie pants that have a lace up corset up the waist. Of course, as is customary for Mana, he also kept the top part of the blouse unbuttoned at the top 2-3 buttons.

Since this was the last song of the night, everyone was asked to raise their hands out for Je l’aime. As it ended, each member exited the stage by walking down the center isle of the venue and out the back exit. Seth, Sugiya, and Ryux high-fived a lot of people as they walked out. Hayato and Ryux also threw out glow sticks into the audience. Hayata threw his up to the second floor and a friend of mine caught one! We were surprised to see he actually signed and dated it!

Finally, Mana walked down the center isle last, without high-fixing anyone or throwing any glow sticks. As he exited, the concert came to an end.
This time everyone clapped after all the members had left. It seems the night ended on a really high note! (AGAIN no pun intended!!...or was it!?)

After this concert, the next events coming up are Sakura-con in Seattle from March 30 - April 1st where Mana will be visiting with Moi-meme-Moitie/Wunderwelt/Tanaqro. There is going to be a fashion show and tea party there among other things. Since this is all the way in the US, I wont be going to that event to report on here. However, the Rendezvous will be in May and I was given a ticket by a friend to attend that, so that will definitely be included in his blog!

It seems recently more and more people from overseas are attending Moi dix Mois concerts and Mana events in Japan. At these two concerts I was able to meet several new people who came for the first time, and a few friends I met from Hong Kong! It made me so happy to meet so many of you and see others for the first time in a long time! It seems our small foreign community is growing once again, so it truly makes me think about how to approach content on here for everyone. Whether you've been a fan for over a decade or you're new to the world of Mana, I'm always so glad to meet all of you! Putting a face to a name and speaking with all of you in person truly inspires me to want to post more on here! Thank you!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

By the way, heres a bonus picture I wanted to include from today.

A friend of mine from Germany who went to the concert with me today has a friend who recently published a book on VK in Germany! Its titled "Sushi & Stromgitarre"
Actually, I was pretty surprised to learn that the three of us are all acquainted with one another (me, my friend, and the publisher of this book)!
It includes information about Mana in it, so I was asked to pose with the book in front of the Moi dix Mois sign at the venue today. I really love the look of it, and we actually opened the page up to the part where Mana is talked about. Unfortunately since I can't read German, I don't know what it says, but I really love seeing books in any language like this! Even if Visual Kei is a worldwide phenomenon by now, I think its pretty easy for most people to agree that Visual Kei isn't exactly the most mainstream thing on earth. Therefore, any time I can get to see books and other things on VK produced outside of Japan, it genuinely makes me excited. Best of luck to Sushi & Stromgitarre!!

As I post this entry, it is officially March 19 now! Happy Birthday to Mana!!!!!!!!!!
Heres a screen shot from my twitter to celebrate!

Mana's Birthday Concert 2018 Day 1
As you have all been waiting for, Mana’s Birthday Concert Day 1!!

Once again we found ourselves at Mt. Rainier Hall in Shibuya.

Talking about the concert this time might end up being trickier than I would like it to be, but anyway...

When I entered the venue, surprisingly there was already a huge line for new goods! Originally I wasn't intending on buying anything, but I ended up shocking even myself by getting a few things. It included these rubber band bracelets among other things.

Also, several flower stands were on display from Kamijo, Kaya, and I assume various fans who went in together.

At 5:00 pm the doors opened and finally around 5:30 the concert began.

Each Moi dix Mois member appeared on stage in the order they always do-- Hayato, Sugiya, Ryux, Mana, and Seth. This time they were all wearing outfits completely in white with red trim, or in Mana's case, blue trim.

I don't quite remember what the whole playlist was, but if I recall, the order was pretty different from normal. Onto the Hill, one of the newest songs, was played towards the very beginning of the concert, and strangely after the first two songs we were asked to sit down!?

I can't remember what they said during that time as to why we were sitting, but I get the feeling regardless of what was said, the reason may have been more from a technical standpoint.
You see, there were several technical issues this time around. The sound kept going in an out, so the guitars were sometimes overly loud or overly soft and you could only hear the background track playing along with the drums and bass. There seemed to be an issue with the vocals too. Even in the second half of the concert, the sound completely shut down for a few moments and a Moi dix Mois song that wasn't even on the set list started playing it's intro until it was quickly shut off and the correct track eventually resumed.

This is why I say this entry may be tricky to write. There were a lot of unusual situations that happened, but I don't want it to come across as criticism. My goal is to simply report what happened tonight in detail. The technical issues didn't take away from the enjoyment of the concert, but they certainly had to have been frustrating for all the members on stage.

After we sat in our seats (the venue has theater style seating) we were eventually asked to stand up again so we could re-learn the movements to the song "Sanctum Regnum"
This is a pretty rare song for Moi dix Mois nowadays, but then again last year it was played for the first time in a long time as well. Maybe this song is making a comeback particularly for Mana's birthday concerts?

For those who are new to what kind of poses/movements are taught for Sanctum Regnum, heres an illustration:
matin_d.gif matin_i.gif matin_x.gif matin_dix.gif

These are some extremely old images used in Mana's fanclub, Mon+amour, when it was active once upon a time... They were used in order to explain what kind of poses everyone should do when "d" "i" "x" and "dix" were shouted out during the song.

By the way, recently Mana has been showing newly designed guitar picks to compliment his Jeune Fille Cross Ray Illusion on twitter, so tonight he threw a lot more picks into the audience than normal. Unfortunately since the venue only has theater style seats, only the people in the very front 3-4 rows could actually try to obtain one.

Source: ESP Shibuya Crafthouse twitter

Eventually we got to the MC portion of the concert, which was interesting...

Mana walked off stage, which was a cue for Seth to begin the birthday event for Mana. As always, we were asked to yell out "Je t'aime Mana-Sama" but it took several tries before everyone yelled loud enough for Mana to appear. This time he appeared immediately on the second floor of the venue, throwing huge handfuls of candy to everyone seated in that area. Fans were going crazy! Not only did he spend extra time giving out candy to virtually everyone in that area, but he also walked through the rows where people were standing handing out even more candy to them. It felt like he didnt want to miss a single person!

This time he carried around a white stuffed bear backpack with candy inside and a new [really small] pouch that was being sold at the concert. Eventually he came around from the back of the venue on the first floor and waked through the middle isle tossing candy to everyone before he made his way on stage again.

Once he was back at the front and center, we had to sing happy birthday, while he swayed back and forth on stage with his hands held up in a prayer-like position. Everyone in the audience was encouraged to do the same as well (but I'm always a bit too embarrassed to do something like that, so I only watch!).

Then, the next concert for this summer was announced, which will be the dinner concert similar to last year.

La 包丁貴族 (La kitchen knife aristocrat)
June 23, 2018 (Saturday)

It seems this year the concert will be a bit different.
There will be two parts to this event. Part 1 will serve lunch and part 2 will serve dinner.

If my understanding is correct, I imagine this will probably act as two separate concerts. It hasn't technically been confirmed yet, but if you look at it logically, the dinner concert last year had it's issues, causing a lot of people to miss out on the show entirely. I think "two parts" will probably mean two separate tickets will have to be purchased if you want to be able to attend both shows. That being said, it brings to question whether anyone will be able to attend both parts or if there will be limitations, such as everyone must choose only dinner or only lunch.

Time will tell in addressing this situation, but based on last year's track record I think this is an attempt to give everyone a chance who wants to go to this kind of concert.

Afterwards, the other members had a gift they wanted to give Mana, so suddenly Ryux stepped off stage and came back with a giant bouquet of roses for Mana. As Mana received the bouquet, he stood at the center of the stage, posing somewhat like a pageant queen, but all of a sudden he started violently ripping in to the flowers, completely tearing the entire bouquet apart and running into the center isle of the venue throwing everything into the audience!

My friend who was next to me was lucky enough to catch a rose that was completely unharmed along with parts of the wrapping and rubber bands and everything else that originally went with the bouquet. However, in some cases several other people who caught roses only got stems or the flowers ripped off from the stems. Seth found a flower that had been ripped apart on the stage and held it up saying, "Its completely torn off!" in total disbelief. It was all pretty unrehearsed so the looks on the members faces were genuinely surprised and Mana ended up apologizing rather insincerely to them on twitter later on.

Next the concert resumed with IMMORTAL MADNESS. This felt pretty connected to the MC actually because towards the very end as the concert was resuming, Mana made Seth talk about how Ryux celebrated his birthday earlier this month as well. For that reason, we were asked to shout out various phrases in reference to Ryux based on what Mana wanted. This whole part progressed rather strangely. First we were asked to shout out "birth liturgy festival" as the title of tonight's concert, but in reference to Ryux. Then Mana whispered to Seth in order to have Seth talk about the whole "clay doll" joke that was brought up last year. For details on that, check out last year's live report as follows:
2017: Moi dix Mois Mana’s Birthday Concert DAY 1: Mt. Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure

From that point on, the phases and shout outs started taking a strange turn. Mana told Seth he wants everyone to yell out to Ryux from their diaphragm, so its louder and rougher. Eventually the entire "clay doll" joke turned from just that to an explanation about a Japanese youkai (ghost) Mana seemed to also pin on to Ryux. The reason for that was because it had a connection to the entire "clay doll" image. This youkai is called "Dorotabou". If you want to learn more about what a Dorotabou is, heres a link with a perfect explanation!
Japanese Yokai: Dorotabou

But that wasn't all!! The progression continued until Mana asked Seth to tell everyone to yell out the phrase "Kono kuso Dorotabou," or in English, "This fuckin' Dorotabou".
While I suppose it was all meant in fun, I had a bit of a hard time with this one. I understand the feeling meant behind it, but this kind of phrase in Japanese can easily be taken in the wrong way and be deemed as offensive. I've heard of this type of word usage before, but I had always been taught "thats not something you should be saying out loud publicly." it seems to carry a feeling different from what might be seen as edgy in the western side of the globe. In my case, I'm really no stranger to using profanity (honestly you can see it a lot on my twitter lol) but this case made me feel a little uneasy due to the nature of the situation.

Speaking of Moi dix Mois concerts in this way,
actually earlier this week, or maybe I should say this month, Mana has dropped a lot of hints about these two birthday concerts. I think the reality is he had a lot of things like this planned out in his mind from the beginning, such as calling Ryux what he did among other things. I think hes been looking for ways to sort of "wreak havoc" whenever the opportunity strikes. I say this because knowing his mentality and the way he perceives certain concepts, it all goes together. For instance, earlier on in the month (or maybe it was in February, I don't remember) he talked about his birthday concerts being "the Sabbath" which he wants to be perceived as lude and corrupt. Furthermore, he mentioned "The great king of Angolmois" in reference to these birthday concerts. If you don't know about the great king of Angolmois, I recommend looking it up along with the "Nostradamus" search term. Its a popular apocalyptic prophecy known in Japan.

Typically many portions of Moi dix Mois concerts go unrehearsed, such as what exactly is going to happen during the MC outside of whatever important information needs to be conveyed. In this case, I am sure Mana's destruction of the roses he received from the band members was something unplanned and done spontaneously. Therefore, the band members reactions to Mana are equally as genuine as the audience. However, even if certain things weren't planned ahead of time, I think Mana has been thinking of opportunities he could use to connect with the feeling he wanted these concerts to achieve. It makes me wonder what he will think of doing tomorrow (technically today now). Anyway, I think Mana wanted to find a way to push the boundaries of how many fans often thought of him in the past. I imagine this is what his "sabbath" type concept for his birthday means to him.

Moving on, the rest of the concert continued with several more songs until everyone left the stage to prepare for the finale, Pageant.

As is tradition, everyone was given blue glow sticks upon entering the venue that we were not supposed to ignite until we were instructed to do so.

When all the members returned back on stage, everyone was wearing t-shirts that were sold at the concert tonight. In the case of Seth, Ryu, Sugiya, and Hayato, they all wore red and black versions of the shirt. Ryu was also wearing a red and black Moi dix Mois jacket that was sold a couple years ago, but he cut off the sleeves. It looked really cool with the shirt!! During that time, all the members tried showing off the new merchandise that was for sale and asking everyone who bought the rubber band bracelets to hold their arms up if they were wearing them. The shirt that was for sale today also came in blue and black, but sadly when Mana showed back up on stage he didn't wear it. Instead, he kept the same outfit on that he had been wearing the entire time, only he unbuttoned the top two buttons of the blouse he was wearing. I think a lot of people were hoping to see him in the new shirt, so it was a slight let down.

Before continuing on with the explanation on when to light our glow sticks, Seth and Ryux turned to Sugiya and asked him if he would like to explain how to do it. Suddenly Sugiya's eyes got huge and he started panicking a bit before shaking his head no. So then, as always Seth went on to tell us that once they say "un, deux, trois, dix" we should crack our glow sticks at "dix" to light the room up in blue.

As Pageant began to play, Mana quickly hopped down from the stage and started playing guitar in the middle isle of the audience area, going from front to back and then back down the isle one more time to the stage.

The song ended all too quickly and suddenly the concert was finished.

Each member walked off stage and down the middle isle individually. They each threw their glow sticks into the audience. Hayato threw two straight up to the second row and people actually caught it! Finally, Mana made his way to the middle of the stage and was the last to walk down the isle, signaling the end of the night.

The concert felt like it ended all too quickly. There were a lot of unique situations that happened this time, yet all the while, the concert gave me somewhat of a relatively "calm" impression in comparison to past concerts that were filled with all kinds of activities. However, that certainly doesn't take away from the charm of this concert, and continues to leave me ready for more within the coming day!

As the night ended, I wanted to take one more picture at the venue to show my full coordinate (not with my sunglasses, scarf, and jacket, covering up everything) but all the Moi dix Mois signs were taken down! Instead heres a commemorative shot with Jack Daniels(´~`ヾ)

My coordinate was pretty simple today, but I just couldn't really decide on what I wanted to wear. Its an EGA blouse I've had for several years now, but the good point about it is that its comfortable, so it was nice to wear this time around! I noticed the number of people wearing Moi-meme-Moitie at concerts has diminished over the years and a lot of people, like me, either wear older Moitie items or they now go for wearing Moi dix Mois T-shirts. Truly culture within Moi dix Mois concerts is ever-changing, but I wouldn't say thats a bad thing. Some how I find the variety refreshing! I'm thinking about maybe wearing the new shirt I got at tomorrow's concert...

By the way, there was a certain detail on the new shirt I thought was worth talking about, so I decided include pictures of it. While the design itself is interesting, the words underneath "MdM" read "dark gothic symphonic industrial"
This is pretty unique because up until now there has never been much of an official description of what Moi dix Mois music is like. While all of these aspects of Moi dix Mois music probably becomes easily recognizable to anyone who has spent any time listening to it or even doing research on how Mana describes his music, its fascinating to see it physically written on any form of merchandise. It gives me sort of an "official" impression of perhaps how Mana would like people to describe his sound. Of course that description is quite wordy for anyone who would want to peg it to any certain genre, but I appreciate the consideration behind it.

Anyway, now that its 5:00 am, its time for me to get a little bit of sleep before its time to get ready for concert number 2 today!! I'll be back to report later!

Deep Sanctuary Ticket Information & Mana in Finland Announcement

Recently I noticed the Moi dix Mois Concert & Event Ticket Exchange Community I created has been rife with activity based on Deep Sanctuary tickets.

While those who won their tickets already seem to be excited, theres still a large portion of people who weren't so lucky.

In fact, this is the first time tickets were made available to overseas fans, so with a lack of understanding how the process tends to work in Japan theres been a lot of confusion on all ends of the spectrum.

Personally I find it frustrating that not everybody who entered the lottery won when in fact the concert isn't even sold out right now. Furthermore the company who chose to run the ticket lottery for overseas fans isn't giving out solutions to the poor souls they denied tickets to when there are still tickets available!! If you're going to decide to open up tickets to everyone, at least give everyone an equal opportunity.

I already posted this on the community, but I wanted to include my detailed explanation and information on what to do next if you didn't get tickets on here too.

Currently eplus is running a second lottery system for “paper tickets”. This may sound confusing so let me explain:

* The previous eplus lottery that ran along side the Moi-meme-Moitie lottery was for preceding tickets available only through downloading a smart phone app called “Smart Ticket” which runs through the eplus system.
* This is where a major point of concern is coming from with the whole situation claiming you need to have the correct name on your ticket to enter the venue.
* This current lottery for “paper ticket” reservations means you’re entering the lottery to obtain a physical ticket rather than a digital ticket via the Smart Ticket app. However, you are still going to need to have your name printed on the eplus ticket regardless of it.

For people living outside of Japan with no access to a Japanese phone number or address, the eplus system is going to remain problematic for you. Eplus requires everyone to make an account on their website, limiting users to one registered phone number per account (you will need to confirm your eplus account via a text message code sent to your phone)
Therefore, I cannot recommend eplus as a viable option unless you have a friend in Japan who will attend the concert with you in case of name checks on the tickets. Its unlikely most people would be willing to change their names on their eplus account as this would be problematic if they wanted to buy tickets for other concerts on their own.



The Malice Mizer website lists two alternative shops that will be selling Deep Sanctuary tickets. These stores are Lawson and Ticket Pia. They will be your best chance at obtaining tickets. Unfortunately neither Lawson nor Ticket Pia are participating in lotteries like eplus, so this means Deep Sanctuary tickets will only be available through these shops once general admission goes on sale. That being said, Lawson and Ticket Pia will be much easier to obtain tickets with your name on them.

Lawson is a convenience store operating throughout Japan with its own in-store computer system for selling tickets. You simply need to input the “L Code” (posted on the Malice Mizer site) or search for the artist/concert name into their system to find the ticket. You will then be prompted to type in your name and a phone number into the system and the computer will then print out a receipt which you will be able to redeem at the cashier to pay for and receive your physical ticket.
Since there is no form of ID necessary other than inputting a name and phone number, you could easily get by with this system writing in your own name and using the number of perhaps a hotel you’re staying at or a friend’s Japanese phone number if you know someone. Basically any phone number starting with an area code like 03, 080, etc will suffice and will NOT affect entering the venue at Deep Sanctuary.

I went to Lawson tonight (March 10) and checked their computer system, but Deep Sanctuary is not available yet, so as I mentioned previously, these tickets will be available once general admission is released. This will probably be around March 22nd or so, after the current eplus lottery ends.

Heres an English guide on how the Lawson system works:

I’ve never used Ticket Pia before, but from my understanding it runs very similar to Lawson. You will need the same basic information as Lawson tickets but rather than going through a computer system like Lawson, Ticket Pia has physical shops located around Tokyo. Other convenience stores such as Family Mart may also sell tickets using the ticket Pia system, so all you need to do is tell the staff what concert you want to attend, the day of the concert, and the number of tickets you want. Alternatively you can give them the ticket Pia code provided on the Malice Mizer website and request the number of tickets you want.
*NOTE— I cross checked the ticket pia information with a friend who has used their system several times before and was told she never once had to give ticket pia any personal information such as a name or phone number. If Deep Sanctuary is insistent on name checks however, you may be asked to give your name in this case. Other information shouldn’t be necessary though.

Ticket Pia is also available at Narita Airport! As long as Deep Sanctuary tickets don’t sell out before the cut off date (usually about a day before the concert) you should have no problem getting tickets on your own through Ticket Pia.

The Tokyo Gig Guide website also does a wonderful job of explaining just how Ticket Pia and Lawson works along with addresses of locations to buy tickets through Ticket Pia.

If you are planning on coming to Japan and attempting to buy Deep Sanctuary tickets on your own in any of these ways, these are the codes you will need for the Lawson Loppi ticket Machine and for Ticket Pia. These codes will make finding the concert much easier and faster for everyone.

Lawson L Code: 0570-084-003
Ticket Pia Code: 0570-02-9999


For nearly a decade now I have had experience in helping fans overseas obtain Moi dix Mois tickets as well as other shopping service type situations, so if you can’t seem to find another solution, I would be happy to help. I accept paypal payments and will be charging a flat rate of 1,000 yen per person as a service fee along with the total ticket cost. If you plan on going this route, please be aware of the following:

* I cannot guarantee whether tickets will sell out before general admission or not and I can’t guarantee going to the convenience store at a certain date or time. I have to work, so I can only do things as time permits based on my schedule.
* Please be sure to give me your full name and double check the spelling so I can have the ticket issued under your name. If it is incorrect you run the risk of not being able to enter the venue if the staff decide to check.
* I cannot issue refunds if you decide you can’t go after the ticket has been purchased. However, if tickets sell out before I get a chance to buy yours, I will issue you a refund through paypal.
* All charges and ticket fees must be covered on your end. I will do my part by sending an invoice for the full amount as well as double checking and confirming your information.
* PayPal typically takes about 5-7 days to process payments to my bank account in Japan. I will only buy tickets once the full amount has safely processed into my account and I am able to withdraw it.
* I can hold tickets and distribute them on the day of the concert or I can mail tickets to you. Shipping fees will depend on your country and the type of shipment you select. For shipping rates and options, please check out the Japan Post website here:

* I am not responsible for any lost mail or packages once your ticket has been shipped. If you are worried about shipment and delivery then I suggest choosing either a registered mail option or EMS which comes with tracking codes.
* Finally, if you chose to receive your tickets from me on the day of the concert, please arrive early! I will contact you regarding what time I will be at the venue and where to meet. Since I am currently holding premium preceding order tickets I will be entering the venue at the earliest possible time, so if you arrive after the doors have opened I won’t be able to give you your tickets.

Feel free to contact me if you would like me to help you out getting tickets. You can use the mail form on the lower right hand side of this blog or send me a DM through any of my social media accounts and I will be sure to see it.

Lastly, as mentioned in the title of this entry, there was an announcement made the other day on Mana's twitter that Mana will be going with Moi-meme-Moitie to an event in Helsinki, Finland called "Eternal Twilight". It will run from September 15-16, 2018.

You can check out more event details here:

Thank you so much to all of you who are now supporting my new Croix project!!!

Really. Every single last one of you who is either following the twitter or youtube account, or both!! It means so much to me that I wish I could physically go and hug you😂
I know its small now, but those of you who support me give me the inspiration to carry on and make this something great. Its something I want Moi dix Mois fans to appreciate and for many other people to come to understand. Actually, its a universe tied to many things, so there are no limits. I want to introduce you to the entity behind the mask and the world they live in so bad, but I also want you to figure out whats going on here!
Again, thank you so much! and welcome to...

Introducing... (+extra Mana related news)

My new project!!

Back in January I teased about something new I was working on, but I said it was hard to talk about.
I also stated I would try making clues, or hints, towards it and perhaps some of you would catch on.
In fact I have been doing just that!

However, I've been thinking a lot lately and I decided I really want to take it to the next step, so I figured this would be the best way to unveil it.

In the picture above theres a link to the Twitter account associated with it,

Theres also a Youtube channel, where a majority of it is focused right now:
Croix on Youtube

The first video titled 再起動 was posted in January, but by now there are already several others have already been uploaded.

The most popular so far has been "Sell Your Soul"

The newest one, "Magnum Opus" was posted just the other day, so please check out the channel to see everything.

So what is Croix exactly?
I won't give everything away, but its a different world that involves a certain entity and a secret organization. I hope over time everyone will come to understand it!

Some of you may also have noticed back in January when I talked about the new synth I bought, and on twitter I've been talking a lot more about playing guitar lately. In fact, all my weekends and free time for the past couple of months has been totally consumed by this.

It has been (and still is) a lot of hard work, but everything has been leading up to this project, so every aspect is important to me. Its a lot of different things mixed in to one so its difficult to explain in detail, but if you keep an eye on it, sooner or later everything will come together.

By all means, please check it out!!

As promised, I also have a bit of Mana news worth posting on here too.

March Birthday Concerts
We are now only a couple weeks away from the concerts on March 17 & 18! Both days seem to be sold out, so for those of you who can't attend, please check out the live reports I will post on here afterwards!

Previously when I talked about the Rendezvous last month, I initially said I wouldn't be able to go. However, that situation has changed. I was given a free ticket by a friend and fellow fan, so please look forward to a Rendezvous report on here after all!

Sakura Con
It seems there is now a call for anyone to apply as a model for Moi-mm-Moitie at a fashion show that will be held at Sakura Con at the end of the month. Please check out Moi-meme-Moitie's facebook or Sakura Con for more info.

Deep Sanctuary
Preceding ticket orders for Deep Sanctuary ended today. If you ordered tickets through eplus in Japan, results should come out tomorrow afternoon. It looks like Tanaqro/Wunderwelt/Moi-mme-Moitie has decided to take over the reigns of Moi dix Mois concerts too now, so if you tried ordering tickets through them they should email you eventually about the procedures.

Good luck to anyone trying to go to these concerts/events! I know for a number of you it will be your first time seeing Moi dix Mois in Japan, so if anyone has any questions you are as always welcome to send me a message or email!